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Originally Posted by F900EX View Post
What happened to these maps lol ?
Oh well...

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I didn't see any guarantee on the 3rd party maps. Map-making needs tons of workloads. The cost efficiency is foreseable lower than jets-making.
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Originally Posted by F900EX View Post
What happened to these maps lol ?
The Veao maps was depleted and yet they not talk about maps, about HB Maps, on hold yer.

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Originally Posted by F900EX View Post
What happened to these maps lol ?
VEAO has stepped back from all their DCS work except of the Hawk and the Curtiss P-40F. So all there maps have been canceled.

Leatherneck did split up into Magnitude 3 and Heatblur. Magnitude 3 is working on the F4U Corsair and they also hinted recently that they might be working on a map, which might be the Iwo Jima map. Heatblur on the other hand took the Viggen and the Tomcat with them and have said they still want to make maps for those aircraft, although there isn't anything more they could say about it atm.
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Still waiting on a modern combat zone. No Syria development?
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