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Very nice! Thank you for the update @Rudel
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Your art game is craaaaaaaaaaaaazy, M3

Move MiG. For great justice. You know what you doing. Take off every MiG.
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Kind of late to the game here, but thanks for the awesome update! I'm a devout Fishbed flyer, and I'll buy the CE 2 day one to support the great work.

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Originally Posted by -Rudel- View Post
It has also been decided that the two external 8K textures will once again be split back into separate 4K sets to help mitigate stuttering for low end computer systems, after several users have been reporting performance issues.

Im asking again, what will this mean for all current user made liverys? Willl we need to split our textures also? I have no problem with that.

Can you tell us, when aprox. will this happen?

Hope that this will come together with new corrected 3D model external fuel tanks
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Hello, I love every minute of flying in the 21. Excellent work!

One question is there a now a more exact time frame for the SPO-10 RWR improvement since it is limiting the fighter a lot...
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