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Stuff won't get finished.
Thats probably a neck breaker for DCS in the future if there is no big change coming.
I'm with you.
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I agree. I'm a VR-exclusive player now, and as much as I want to give the WW2 itch a try, I am still very much on the fence about the Normandy map for this very reason, and have little interest in the Syria map for the same reason--in addition to the fact we already have two desert maps, so a third is just beating a dead horse.
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In also cannot endorse another Ugra-media produced map.

The many inaccuracies and the lack of ongoing support for the Normandy map is evidence enough for me not to spend more on like products.
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I have the same thoughts, until Normandy gets SpeedTrees and a few other updates (mostly runway/airfield changes), then I won't be touching the Syria map.

I do remember seeing a post that Ugra were going to return to Normandy once they'd finished the Syria map though, so we'll see I suppose.

I can only assume at this point they're a very small team, considering they've got no real online presence and their glacial pace of updates.
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My personal jury will remain out until I see some better details. So far it looks really monochromatic and devoid of details beyond white blocks for buildings.
Granted that it’s still WIP.
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Ill be lapping it up. Looks great!
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I get the demand for optimizations and bug fixes but expecting particular technology to be implemented (Speedtrees) is a little over the line, don't you think?
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Originally Posted by draconus View Post
I get the demand for optimizations and bug fixes but expecting particular technology to be implemented (Speedtrees) is a little over the line, don't you think?
No I don’t, but do let me explain.

There’s a few points here:
- Over time, we’ve seen a number of technical improvements to the game engine. Speedtrees just being one of them. I can’t help but think that we need to make a statement to not just Ugra, but also ED, that simply leaving older modules to “rot”, is just not good practice.
- I appreciate that ED have stated that this is an Ugra issue, and I get that. There is however a learning exercise here that I can’t help but think that a “solution” is either that the 3rd party developer agrees to implement future technical enhancements, or that the map is designed such that they can be implemented by ED themselves, both of which clearly need very specific contractual agreements in place
- Ongoing enhancements to maps is NOT free. I do get that. However, the Normandy map is still for sale and most of the time, at it’s normal retail price. So it’s not that Ugra and ED are not getting money for the map. Putting it another way, how many “potential” customers are being dissuaded from buying the map (which as I’ve stated earlier, I rather like), because of complaints about it’s performance due to a lack of speedtrees? That’s more of a question for ED, as clearly we can’t see the sales figures. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve dropped to virtually nothing. So what’s better, leave it as is as the “map to avoid”, or spend money on it to make it sellable to future potential customers.
Do remember that we have the A8, P47 and Mosquito all incoming, all of which “may” bring in fresh customers, some of whom are going to want to have a European map to fly it on. How many will take a sniff around, read that the Normandy map is dead and simply not bother.

Finally, this isn’t a thread just for me to have a moan.
This is “our” opportunity to explain politely to ED and Urga how we feel about the subject.
Surely it’s better that we do that and articulate our reasons, rather than simply keep our mouths closed and just quietly not buy the Syria map?
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For the same reasons I'm also holding off the Syria map.
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Same here.
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