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500 km map, that's lovely
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this is gonna be the best map ever created for DCS.
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will we have Cyprus?

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I wonder if we are going to get the Free Syrian Army faction added into the faction list when the Syria map comes out. Anyone know if ED has said anything about factions being added?
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Originally Posted by ESA_maligno View Post
will we have Cyprus?

ED, if you're reading this, at least consider including Cyprus as a low-detailed area - hopefully don't omit the whole landmass.

Although the map is only 610*440km, so Cyprus will most likely not be included.

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A lot of this has been thoroughly discussed in the other thread, like the Cyprus question:
Originally Posted by Gierasimov View Post
I doubt it will be included though. I base my opinion on two factors.

1. No mention on the project website.
2. Take a map and measure 610 x 440 km in the region, you will see that including Cyprus cuts off a huge chunk of Syria from the map. Something like this:

Then, the project does not mention a lot in terms of Israel neither and with a map like the one above, there would be much more to mention. Just my opinion.

That thread also has a lot of screenshots of the map, like here:
Originally Posted by toma19 View Post
New pics

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Can't wait for this map actually.
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Default Syria

The announcement-vid for the F-16C seems to have been made on the

The big city at the end of the vid should be Beirut.
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Default Ugra and the Syria map

Like a good number of us, I have to say that I was very impressed by the visuals on the Syria map.

As a player who already owns most of the modules (i.e. all but 2 of the already released ones, and the F16 is pre-ordered), you’d expect that I’d be fully lined up to buy the Syria map.
The answer is “not quite”.
Unfortunately for Ugra, I’m also an owner of the Normandy map, which I actually really like, but has two key stumbling blocks, i.e.
- Speedtrees has never been implemented
- The upcoming 50% VR enhancement sounds like it might not happen

What I’d like is for Ugra to give me confidence that they actually support their maps, and in this case, and for myself, that means I won’t be buying the Syria map until there is at least a solid commitment that they’ll be introducing Speedtrees AND the VR enhancement to the Normandy map.

For any other players who feel it’s appropriate to add to this thread, then please, keep it civil and polite. This is about voicing our thoughts on the matter to hopefully lead to a positive decision about the future roadmap for Normandy, not an excuse to insult any of the developers OR each other.
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