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III Gruppe Des Jagdgeschwader 52 (www.jagdgeschwader52.net) will be on duty over DCS: WWII skies.
"Classic" online squad since 1999, we played online from Warbirds, Aces High, wwIIonline, Il2 Sturmovik, CloD, etc... Now waiting for DCS to roll out and fight.


... and make mistakes until getting it right, there is no clear line between acquiring
knowledge and learning.

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Originally Posted by 352nd Persecutor View Post
The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group, now flying (still) IL-2, is eagerly looking forward to DCS WWII. This is our 14th year. Would that our fifteenth find us flying DCS WWII!
I can attest to the fact Pers and the rest of the Blue Nosed B@st@rds of Bodney (352nd VFG) are indeed a class act. If I'm not mistaken, they're the only virtual unit sanctioned and "adopted" by their real-life counterparts (the 352nd FG Association).

They have some videos on YouTube...


...and have even been featured in the HBO Poland documentary, Virtual War.


If you like full realism flying in historical settings, you can't do any better.


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Default Lentolaivue 69

Lentolaivue 69 will contribute to the DCS community by accepting applications from any Finnish pilots willing to fly the axis side with us!

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Jagdgeschwader 1 "Oesau" (JG 1) is a seriously minded online cyber-squadron, composed of Stab./JG 1, I./JG 1, II./JG 1 and III./JG 1.

We are currently composed of both North American and European members, and have a long and distinguished history. Established in March 1992, we are the second oldest cyber-squadron active on the internet.

JG 1 "Oesau" is currently flying both DCS: WWII and IL-2: Cliffs of Dover. We also fly Rise of Flight as JG I "Richthofen", and DCS World (specifically the MiG-21bis) as JG-1 Fritz Schmenkel.

Should anyone be interested in checking us out, just drop by our website:




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9./JG52 Ziegler
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9./JG52 now flying CoD and BoS looking forward to the new map and DCS.

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Default 92 Squadron Royal Air Force

The No. 92 Squadron Royal Air Force is now active in DCS you can find us flying many different aircraft in many different servers, we have been flying in the online community since Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2, IL2-1946, IL2 Cliffs of Dover and are very excited to finally be apart of DCS. If you are interested in flying with a friendly group of pilots or looking for a fight please join our teamspeak at pw: 9292
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Default 9./Jagdgeschwader 27

with a group of long term friends, which originated from Cliffs of Dover
i created the 9./JG27, a virtual squadron dedicated to DCS WW2 and the 109.

while we love to fly in a realistic manner, our main goal is to have fun together.
so we are not necessarily looking for aces, but for personalities which fit to the already established group.
we dont have any requirements to join, except having a joystick and a mic to communicate over teamspeak.

because of time zones, we mainly look for european pilots.
currently the majority of us is german speaking, but of course we all speak english(well its supposed to be english)

we will not accept the most talented ace, if we dont see him fit into the group.
we will however accept a total rookie with the right personality and dedication.
we are confident to have pilots capable enough to teach the necessary skills to newcomers.

we are running our own 24/7 WW2 server, rented by a big provider, based in Germany.

-=9./JG27 FightingLegends=-

The awesome =STP= guys were so kind to give us our own TS section on their Server.


expect more to come
we are here to stay

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French squadron on DCS.
Create for develop and help French community.

Tuesday: training
Wednesday: Mission

Sonic (friend pilot)
Mart (friend pilot)


Canoaus (friend pilot)

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9./JG27 are pleased to announce the addition of the virtual No.66 Squadron to the -=FightingLegends=- group for our Tommies who prefer the P-51 Mustang and eagerly await the arrival of R.J Mitchell’s magnificent Supermarine Spitfire to DCS.

Our website http://www.no66squadron.com/
Part of the 9./JG27 FightingLegends Group http://www.9jg27.com/
My PC specs: Win10 64 Pro, CPU i7-3820 4.4GHz, 16GB RAM, GPU Nvidia 1070 (8gb vram).
Controls: Microsoft FFB2, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle, MFG Crosswind Pedals, TrackIR5.
My DCS Youtube Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/No64Bounder
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Default TWC the Wrecking Crew

Hello This is TWC_Fatal Error CO of the Wrecking Crew from Fighter Ace, Aces High, Cliffs of Dover and now we are branching into DCS.

We have a website at WWW.twcclan.com a forum and a facebook page all our own as well as our own WW2 server currently running on DCS having three 2 1/2 hour long missions with different outcomes for either Axis or Allied victories

Interested in joining a Squad then check us out ventrilo server available for voice comms on our webpage. We like to have fun and accomplish missions so check us out <S> Fatal
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