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Default WIP T72B3 ( likely errors)

I know its still "WIP", it looks to be a just about completed at least in terms of presented 3d model

but i would like to point out a few things that i call out, and hopefully they can be adressed before final release

As an aside I really hope the old T72B stays in DCS (since its representative of a cold war era T72B model 1985) with the T72B3 instead chosen as a new tank model, rather than replacement ITs a tougher nut to crack due to Kontact, 5 and has a totally new digital FCS, Thermal optics, and new gun and extended Autoloader to accept newer longer APFSDS munition types , more powerful engine than preceding T72B or current T90's. T72B3 ( perhaps minus internal armor arrays and Shotra jammers) is therefore otherwise superior to the T90 tanks.

That being said to the main point with regards to the T72B3, Nomenclature and some 3d modeling choices.

The model they choose is actually that of the T72B3M. Even then Id say ED is cherry picking with the 3d design choice as they chose something resembling the May day version of the T72B3M from 2016, but is otherwise not in standard use in the Russian armed forces ( if at all)

May Day parade unveiling: 2016 T-72B3M

In reality army service T72B3M due to lack of funding ended up not being fitted with such side Relict Era skirts or additional armor package atop the relict era side skirts. They instead have the 3 plates containing Kontact 5 in same arrangement as the T90 does.

Something like this : T72B3M 2017 ( actual Russian service model) - present day

"Vanilla" T72B3 ( Non M) lacks these 3 plates altogether.




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