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ED, what's your input on this request? The ai has been bad for years. Can you prioritize or show the community that this is a big issue we would like to address. Can you consider fixing it?
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I wanted to make a new thread but I guess this one will do to, I'm not sure this is so already in some fashion but here my basic idea goes, I thought of it out of scratch today watching some Mirage and F14 dogfight, I didn't had any hint or anything or any mention about this, so I'm not sure if it's something already talked/planned about.

The AI Pilot stamina system should be a part of the overhaul too and the AI difficulty setting should control the total amount of AI pilot stamina that is alloted from the start (translates to endurance, or time of how much dogfight evasion and missile evasion can an AI pilot do in various terms) sustained and accumulated, many things should take stamina level away by varying amounts, basically the more difficult a task for the pilot the more stamina it takes, session flight time, environmental conditions, a normal sunny day return to base should take least stamina, while a stormy weather one should take a bit more because of increases ATC-Pilot negotiation and IFR stuff, missile evasion and dogfight should take the most because most stress, most thinking requirements and high G loads are present.

You can't just let the AI to fly all day by refueling from Tanker, pull all those Gs throughout the day, no eat, no sleep, and still evade and do great dogfighting, right!?

After the accumulated stamina drops below a threshold, either it's some 10% or implmented using a separate reserve amount, the AI pilot will have to, in a critically low amount, completely flee away and RTB, but there should be improved RTB techniques and types for all AI's, can't just RTB the normal way of flight notrmally in a straight line, but this would be a special one in which either it flies high above or below for minimal visibility and with a mad dash to nearest landing, and if being chased would continue to manouver by some amount to avoid being hit.

Sustained stamina is the short-term temporary endurance amount that can recover fully in mid-flight without landing, the AI Pilot shouldn't be able to pull 5Gs for 5hours straight right, in a dogfight after some 20 minutes or more (detemined by skill level selected) he'll have to pull away a bit or do some other lower-G manouver to recover the sustained stamina amounts, while the accumulated stamina level wouldn't be affected, that one always drops down until the end of flight sortie/session.

Accumulated stamina depletion would only reset/recharge until the pilot lands/refuels/repair/rearms which I call the end of "flight session", also debatable whether it should require engine shutdown (restart), or more practical just canopy open so in theory the AI Pilot can go take a break and eat while technicians take care of the servicing. We probably don't need to go that far to simulate sleep time.

A real-time skill handicap effect:

The stamina logic could also apply real-time handicaps on various AI skill levels separately as well, using sustained and accumulated separately. The more stamina depletion, the more loss of skill, but it would be in tiny amounts, not dropping to a lower skill level unit, but just skewing a few % off the top of it, like 5% at most, it wouldn't continue to go down beyond that. But it wouldn't affect stamina levels ofcourse, that would be kinda weird to mess with mathematically and pointless in practice, just the other things besides stamina that are part of skill.
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