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There’s another reason why you would’nt try to look inside with the NVGs in cockpit.
The cockpit and instrument lighting in a NVG-compatible A/C is adapted to a specific range of wavelength and the NVG has filters mounted that sort out these specific wavelengts.
The cockpit and instrument/screen lighting will therefore not be amplified by the NVGs and will come out very dark and unreadable, even if the focus would be adjusted properly for looking inside. There are different lightings in NVG compatible aircrafts, from green only light for all lighting, to NVG compatible four color MFD screens. For each type the correct filters are used.
All systems have one thing common: the NVG can not use this lighting to see things.

This is a small demo about this, from my night flight this evening:

The instrument lighting is set to NVG, the MFD screens and instruments are very easy to see with the naked eye under the NVG, but the NVG cannot even see that the screens are on. Its also impossible to see the analog stand by instruments through the NVG, despite the fact that we where over a city and all city lighting( not NVG compatible) illuminates inside the cockpit and helps NVG to see things.
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