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Default What about some Maverick update in BS?

I wonder if some small adjustments could be made in BS concerning the Maverick?

- The D model (57kg/220kg) : seems OK
We have currently the one with 57 kg cone-shaped anti-tank warhead

--> however, there also exist a D version with the 113 kg Mk.19
Blast/fragmentation warhead, good against small infrastructure
Bummer: it would require a slightly longer model

- The K model (57kg/210kg) : issues
Although listed in the encyclopedia and loadout as 57kg/210kg, in fact you
only need one to take out a bridge while you need 2 AGM-65D's. AI knows

--> in reality, the K can have two warheads, one 57, one 136kg; in Lockon,
it is listed as the first and performs as second
I would harmonize to the heavier load

Second, the range seems to limited: Raytheon claims similar range as AGM-
65G; K-model has modern CCD, not analog TV! Safe would be 5-8nm lock
range I think, but I just don't know. I read interview with Belgian and
German pilot who claimed max range at medium alt of 15 km (9 miles).
(Of course, on F-16 they usually slave it to targeting pod, in an A-10A
you only have seeker image quality)

- The E-model (136kg/293kg) : small issues
When loaded, your loadout only mounts by 220kg, should be 293kg
Normally, cannot be loaded onto LAU-88 and is a USMC weapon, carried
also by USN but not really by USAF on F-16!
It must be said the AI handles it very nicely in Lockon!


- The AGM-65G, which is much more widely used in reference period.
Just take model of E, paintjob and seeker of D, and warhead/weight of E
and we have an interesting additional option to load!
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Want tot know how many submods there are of the S-25/S-8/S5 and UB-13? We have many wishes, but let's hope ED will do as much as they can to correct the Mavs, also that bug with the weapon slider should be fixed
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Yup, the K needs SCENE MAG, which it doesn't have in the game at the moment.

Since ED has chosen the heavier warhead for the K, the loadout should not allow you to hang any on an LAU-88. That part, I have already taken care of in my A-10 armament mod though, so its no big deal.

Next...QuickDraw would be a nice feature to have.
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Iguana, have you finished your mod, i thought the one you released was a beta-test like version. I though you were still working on it, and the encyclopedia (maybe that is a different mod you are working on) Can you direct me to were you would download it?
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Yup, the mod with the updated encyclopedia is still a work in progress. Its turning out to be a fairly big project, so I might just release it in stages. I'm starting with the surface to air threats, then I'll go from there. I've got almost all of the Russian equipment done in that category, along with the corresponding changes in the mission editor, so the names of the individual pieces of equipment will now match...what you see in the encyclopedia will be the same way it is displayed in the mission editor. The A-10 weapons mod is in its final form, but I'm thinking about removing AG ordnance from stations 1 and 11 since there seems to be a bug in the game that doesn't quite handle those stations correctly.
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