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Question Sending AI air unit to different waypoints using comms menu?

Hey guys...

I've done a search of this forum and found nothing on this subject.

I'm just wondering if any of the scripting/ME gurus out there could point me in the right direction with this one.

Problem: KC 135 in online sandbox mission is too fast for A-10s and any slower would be difficult for F-15s and upcoming F-16.

Hypothetical solution: Set waypoint 3 as orbit with A-10 suitable speed. Set waypoint 4 as orbit with F-15 suitable speed.

Using a radio "Other" menu option tell said AI unit to either go to waypoint 3 or waypoint 4 depending on what speed tanker is desired.

Example of intended user experiance:
So for instance A-10 is on way to tanker, opens comms menu, hits other, and then selects "Tanker A-10 speed" which essentially just commands the unit to go to waypoint 3, when the tanker gets to waypoint 3 it executes the waypoint order which is to orbit at whatever speed we decide suits the A-10. A-10 reaches tanker and tanks successfully, everybody's happy.

In my mind I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work, providing there is an option to be able to command units to go to a certain waypoint using the mission editor. Which is the part I'm not sure about.

Obviously I could just have 2 tankers but IRL they do adjust speed depending on what aircraft they are tanking so I just think this solution would be somewhat more elegant and also more realistic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was actually going to work on this once I'm done exams. MOOSE has a lot of methods prebuilt for task handling. I used one to setup a tanker rotation so when a tanker is low on fuel a new tanker starts up, taxi's, takes off and after 10 minutes the tanker that needs to RTB goes off station.

If nobody gives you a quick answer, I will work on this after Tuesday next week. I'm sure there is a way to do this.
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