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Originally Posted by kseremak View Post
If it is unrealistic it should be removed or being disabled on more ambitious servers.
It should, but from what I see, the only servers that 99% of people fly on are GAW and the inferno. Once in a while a few guys are on the cold war servers or dogfight only servers. Otherwise its like 1 guy or 0 guys. Also I found a VERY strong correlation to the number of people playing on a server to "gamey or crutchy" things like labels (being a VR guy I really like those but I also get it for non-vr), autostart, F10 map usefulness etc. Or in the case of GAW using the webgci as crutch.

I had a guy ask me on GAW how I managed to startup a harrier faster than him (he spawned before me, and I was rolling before him)... Simple answer was that I knew how to start it manually, which is vastly quicker than the autostart on it. He was baffled that I could even do it. Thats the current state of online DCS though...
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