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Default Technical errors in the operation

In general the DCS A-8 is very good, however a few smaller technical errors still remain. A few of these were/still are incorrect in the D-9 as well.

The Volume controller for the FUG16ZY is not continuously adjustable, rather it is a 3 position discrete volume selector. On the real device each position has a noticeable click when switching through them.

Left instrument console - FUG25A Explosive/self destruct device: No cable was present here. There was a flip switch beneath the warning sign, which activated the destruction of the FUG25A. Often not present in late production aircraft.

Bürstenabheber Knopf (Starter-Brush retraction button): This button was pulled by the pilot during hand starts as The starter flywheel was easier to crank with the brushes retracted. After the ground crew had spun up the flywheel enough, the pilot would push the button back in and use the normal starter handle to start the engine.

Generally in the A-8 (for the D-9 and Bf 109 as well) the engine could be started in any of the following ways.

1. Start with battery power.
2. with external power through the external power socket on the outside of the aircraft.
3. Handcranked start by the ground crew.

Throttle Friction on the floor of the left console was twisted tighter or looser, not pressed as it is currently.
SZKK4 Schusszählerkontrolkasten for arming the onboard weapons:

In reality the SZKK4 was operated as follows:

First the 3 Circuit breakers on the right console are pressed in.
Then the upper flip switch on the SZKK4 is turned on. This activates the Nose and Wingroot guns.
After 3 seconds the lower flip switch is turned on.

This sequential activation of the weapon groups was done to ensure that the strain on the onboard electrical system was applied evenly. There are several details included in the orignal documentation with respect to the correct Wattages whilst activating the weapons etc.

Quote from the Aircraft Manual A7-A9 (Flugzeughandbuch)
Part 8A Onboard weapons (Schusswaffenanlage)

July 44

"There are 2 trigger buttons on the KG13 Stick (A & B1).

The A button is for firing the Nose and Wingroot guns.

The B1 Button is for firing the Outboard wing guns."

This is also not correctly implemented.

As I've been collecting FW-190 parts for a number of years, and possess several of the parts mentioned above I have been able to directly compare their function to the way they are in DCS currently. If it would be helpful I can gladly provide photos/video of some of these parts and how they function.
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Thanks for your input Fritz,

you are correct, there are some issues and we are aware, it´s our plan to iron them out during the further updates for the Anton (and eventually for the other birds).
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well done, thx
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Here another little problem

Right rear cockpit wall: Sauerstoffdusche (Oxygen membrane lung / Emergency Oxygen System).

The Sauerstoffdusche originally only had a pushbutton, which was used to ventilate the oxygen system with air in case of a a malfunction. Early A-8s had a cover with a button on it mounted over the Sauerstoffdusche, which the pilot could push in with his elbow.

The DCS interpretation of the button is incorrect. In reality it was a simple springloaded button, which would return to its initial position if not held down.
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top work Fritz!
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