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~S~ Greetings and salutations,

This post is to announce the release of a new Flash cockpit trainer for DCS:Blackshark. If you ever flew Falcon 4, then you are probably familiar with the cockpit trainer for that sim. This is very similar, but much more detailed. When you mouse over buttons, switches, and guages, a pop-up window will give a brief description of that item. Some items are clickable giving you an even more detailed description.

This Cockpit Trainer was developed by a fellow War Hawks member, WH_Snacko, for our squadron Training Module. But once we saw the level of detail Snacko had put into this, we knew we could not keep it for ourselves.

Full War Hawk members have access to all training courses, but some are open to the public. The cockpit trainer can be accessed by clicking on the above link. You can then scroll down to find the KA-50 Cockpit Trainer in the Blackshark specific area of our training module. You will be prompted to log in or view as a guest. Guest access will allow you to view this trainer as well as a few other courses.

If you have any questions or would like to join us for full member access to other courses, feel free to contact us from the War Hawks Website.

Thanks to WH_Snacko we now have a stand-alone version available as well.

Currently hosted on a mediafire account here:
Stand-alone DCS:Blackshark Cockpit Trainer

Respectfully submitted,

Now flying with CSG-3

DCS: Blackshark Cockpit Trainer DCS: A-10C Cockpit Trainer

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VERY nice!

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About time one was made for BS, well done and thanks for sharing.
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Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

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Great! Thanks for sharing!

EDIT: Is it planned to teach the right start up procedures with it (showing the right sequences of button switching and so on)? Or do I overlooked something?
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Cool.. Looks impressive.. Thx Boomer
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Very good, great job!
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Very Very well done, one of these for the A-10 would be awesome too, when it gets here. Maybe you should suggest/offer it to ED and get in the testers team and have a trainer ready for the A-10 release?

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