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Default Heatblur - The Next Big Step

Dear All,

Today, we’ve released the F-14 into early access after years of intensive development. We truly hope you’re enjoying it! We’re monitoring all of the forums, hoggit and e-mails and are moving quickly and assertively to correct any critical issues and mistakes.

This module represents the culmination of exhaustive research and intensive development, where we attempted to push the boundaries of what was possible with a desktop flight simulation. The challenge and passion associated with this project ushed us to deliver the very best that our broad backgrounds and formal training allowed us. We pushed those boundaries, both because of Heatblur’s commitment to providing the highest quality product possible, and because the F-14A/B represented a passion project for many members of the team. We were and still are driven to get this project right! And today, we have the pleasure of announcing something even bigger, which will allow us to unlock our true potential, and to raise the bar even higher.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on taking the next big step forward for our company and team. We’ve progressed discussions with a group that will be our new partners for the continued development of Heatblur. We’ve found our interests to be very much aligned and thus, Heatblur Simulations is becoming a part of MetaSimulations, which is a part of the Meta Aerospace group.

Together with Meta, we will be able to combine the resources and expertise of a real world aerospace operator with our passion, experience and drive in the field of simulation. We’re incredibly excited about the potential and capability Meta brings to the field of simulation. This amazing opportunity to become a part of Meta will help us redefine what the cutting edge of simulation is, through the amplification of every great quality found in Heatblur.

With Heatblur and Meta working together, there are absolutely no limits to what we can achieve.

Beyond this, it assures and guarantees that the Viggen, Tomcat and other future Heatblur products will remain on the absolute cutting edge in terms of quality and execution. This transition will allow us to continue building our team and help ensure that we have the resources to fully support our modules in the future. Thank you for your support, we’re so excited for our future together and what that means for you as consumers, and we hope you are too!

Heatblur Simulations

Nicholas Dackard

Founder & Lead Artist
Heatblur Simulations

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Wish you all the best going forward Cobra and Heatblur
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That's awesome news Nick, I know you must be ecstatic . I look forward to what this new endeavor will bring to the world of flight simulation , with the team you have now I can only see it getting better and pushing the envelope even farther than you already have. Congrats on the release and your new partnership my friend . Cheers
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sounds like a great plan. I hope that you guys well be able to rest a bit after the last intense couple of month. But I gladly will monitor what your future plans will be come like.

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Great news Heatblur!! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and really looking forward to experience any of your future products.
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From my infantile Googling -- this seems to be a VERY big deal.

Congrats team, this is awesome.
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Congrats guys! The future is bright. This seems only like the beginning.
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congrat for your hard work, result worth every pixel and coding letter,
all the best for your (and our;-) futur

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So what's this mean? More money for DCS development? Or will team be shifted to non dcs projects?
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Superb news! And congrats on yet another magnificent piece of work! Truely a labour of love and a dream of many for sure! Thank you for the Turkey HB!

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