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(Shenzhen, PRC / Norman, Oklahoma USA / Utrecht, The Netherlands) - December 2, 2018

Finally, here is KOSMOSIMA. Not just yet another step in a long march of modifications of already existing models – but a device of a radically new level, and a whole new stage of design.
It goes without saying that the arrival of such a grip at affordable price range is in itself a cosmic event.

It takes more than just a flashy LED or an extra button to create a new generation device.
Generation change in the world of gaming accessories opens our eyes at what these devices can be in the modern world, and allows us to take a peek into the future and indulge in some daydreaming.

As time goes, general public's perception of what the gaming devices can be turns into marketing demand: this is what they have to be, and innovations turn into standards. We're not shy to say that it is how VKB team sees their historic mission: we make devices and solutions that become classic standards of the industry.

We were the first in the gaming industry to use contactless magnetic angular sensors in our pedals back in 2004. Our Black Mamba and Gladiator Pro were the first mass produced (as opposed to limited edition upgrades) joysticks to employ cam-action gimbal. VKB's Gunfighter sports cam-action gimbals with friction clutch brakes. Some of these solutions have long become landmarks, and we're happy to see virtual pilots all over the world using our designs.

Our designs not only enhance tech specs of the gaming devices. They change the whole understanding of what a gaming device is.

Modularity, our trademark principle, has made a great leap up and ahead in KOSMOSIMA.
There is only one single cable inside the new grip's casing (which of course is user-dismantlable). PCBs inside the casing are interconnected modularly which means there is no need for cables and cable connectors, hence higher reliability and ease of assembly. (Altogether there are 13 different PCBs designed for KOSMOSIMA model range).

KOSMOSIMA grips can be mounted on Gladiator Pro MkII and on all versions of Gunfighter.

KOSMOSIMA PRO will come with full set of modules allowing the user to freely choose a hat switch or a ministick on the grip head, and a hat switch or a button on the thumb platform, and easily install their preferred control.

Talking modifications, you may rearrange and modify controls on both grips… Yes, because there are two grips, left-hand and right-hand – and both versions will hit the market at exactly the same time.
More about controls… (we should run drumroll here but our engineers failed to find the way to do it in written) – KOSMOSIMA is sporting a newly designed VKB proprietary twist function.

There is more about controls, and we've prepared quite a surprise for you… but why won't we leave it to the beta testers to tell you about it.

BETA TESTERS, you heard it right.

VKB is recruiting experienced seasoned pilots to beta test our KOSMOSIMA grips.

Each beta tester will receive a set of two KOSMOSIMA grips (both left and right), and a full set of replaceable PCBs and controls*. These devices will remain in the testers' possession forever as a keepsake and good memory of their participation in creation of the new product.

These grips are not 3D printed mockups, but fully functional devices ready to be marketed.
The idea, as well as the purpose and the target of the tests is integration of the new device in the space sim gaming environment.

Successful candidates should be experienced pilots and users of VKB products. They should be perfectly comfortable with the logic of setting and configuring their device using VKB software.

We are going to keep our word and refrain from official announcements regarding our new products, so all information about the tests will be coming from the testers.

Our official statement will be made some time shortly before the testing is concluded; at that time you will be able to reserve your preferred version of KOSMOSIMA at our dealers' websites.

To apply for the mission, you need to own at least two bases: either two Gunfighters**, or a Gunfighter and a Gladiator Pro mkII. If an otherwise successful candidate only has a Gunfighter and a Gladiator mkll (non PRO), we will upgrade his Gladiator to Gladiator X (he will have to replace the plastic shaft with a metal one: this will allow him to mount KOSMOSIMA and MCG/MCGPRO grips on his base).

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that while the previous VKB grips design was closely based on real life prototypes (Cobra/Mamba – SU34; Gladiator – KG12 of BF-109 and FW-190; MCG – SU57), KOSMOSIMA is designed and made from scratch. It represents our vision of the future of gaming devices.

To apply, please write to uiv@vkb-sim.pro and follow the instructions below.

Subject – KOSMOSIMA crew

Please tell us the following information about yourself in exactly the same numbered order:
1 – Country of residence
2 – Real life full name
3 – Your nickname AND reference to the forum at which you read this call
4 – When you started using VKB devices
5 – What exactly VKB devices you had before and have now
6 – What are the space sims you think you master the best
7 – Any additional information is welcome

Please only use English (preferred), German, Chinese, or Russian languages.

VKB will choose testers based on comparison of the above particulars. Our decision will be final; no reasons will be given, and no complaints will be considered. VKB reserves the right to cancel testing program at any stage for no reason. Your personal data will not be shared with any 3rd party.

* Possible import taxes or customs fees are to be taken care of by the tester.
** Gunfighter A or B are equally eligible.

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That's really exiting news! Alas other than only owning one base, I really don't have the time to test sticks in any meaningful way, so I won't be applying. But there will be some very lucky people getting their hands on what I assume will be top notch sticks.

The idea of being able to swap buttons/hats/thumb-sticks to customize your grip the way you want it sounds fantastic to me. I can't see myself replacing my right MCG, but if Star Citizen is ever finished I could easily see myself picking up another Gladiator (buttons on the base are underrated) with a left hand stick.

From the pictures they look like very capable sticks explicitly designed to work well in any PC gaming or simulation scenario. Replica sticks are nice and all, but they are terrible when used outside of their intended role. Hopefully the ergonomics are just as good as the MCG which is WAY better than both the X-55 and CH Combat Stick that I used in the past.

I'm sure many people will be pleased to have an integrated twist function, I just hope there is a locking pin (looks like maybe there is a thread for a screw). Myself I will always use rudder pedals, and with HOSAS you have no need for 4 or 5 lateral axes (left x and rx + right x and rx + rudder) when there are only 3 (roll, yaw and lateral thrust).

Looking forward to reviews!
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Fellow Space Pilots,

Thank you very much to everyone who replied to our call.
The number of replies was a solid proof of your continuous interest in our design solutions and end products. Thank you all, really.

We have already selected the testers.
Due to the number of candidates we cannot notify everyone individually, so we thought it'd be the fastest and the easiest to just post the End-Of-Casting announcement here - the same place where we had posted the original call.

There was nothing personal in methods of selection. Those who will not receive our confirmation within a few days should not feel neglected or left behind in any way. They are not.
This testing program is meant to result in benefit for the whole gaming community.

After some brief explanation and instruction the testers will be issued their devices, and they will be able to go ahead with putting them to action.
Please follow their postings at the forums as well as in social networks.

Kosmosima is not our final product; there will be more.
There is always a chance to test one of our future products.

VKB wishes everyone a lifetime of enjoyment in the air and in open space.
Best regards from our Headquarters!
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i hope you will do it for also non pro gladiator instead of ww2 grip
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I was in even though I only own one base but i was willing to buy. Second base untiliread t was only for pace ilots and m not in to spar sims only dcs and xp11
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