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Default DCS Update 8 Hotfix

Introduced DCS: Yak-52
The work of MiG-21bis and SA342 cockpits restored.

DCS World
  • 4th client will not explodes when appears on carrier deck.
  • ME. Added option to select which CAT a client or player spawns on.
DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • Corrected AIM-120 HUD symbol.
  • Added Rmin, Rne, and Rmax indications on radar display.
  • Missing AIM-120 loading options - fixed.
  • Corrected AIM-120 loadout mass and drag.
  • Wings will be folded in the spawn on the carrier parking hot.

  • Spitfire Epsom Campaign. Update to all 12 missions that adds drop tanks and bombs to Spitfire flights where appropriate. It also adds a section on dive bombing tactics to the mission 2 and mission 12 briefing.
  • Viggen Red Flag Campaign. Update to lineup cards for mission 2-10.
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Default DCS Update 9

The next modules was migrated to new keyless DRM copy protection system.
  • Nevada
  • Normandy
  • WWII Asset Pack
  • Spitfire
  • Su-33
  • AJS-37 Viggen
  • Mirage-2000

DCS World
  • Added South Africa (ME, logbook)
  • Don't work pre-planned failures on some planes - fixed.
  • Fighters taking off from CV drift to the right - fixed.
  • VR. The problem with second mission launch on ATI video cards fixed.
  • Fixed Error appears when you try to add a input key commands after switching between different modules.
  • DCS won't start after cleaning list of coalitions - fixed.
  • P-51D added to China.
  • F-14A added to Iran.
  • Added units to Oman and UAE.
  • Added to Iran missed earlier SA-10 CP 54K6.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • Eliminated slides on deck.
  • Added AIM-9X Air-to-Air missile.
  • Added indication and sounds for EW.
  • Added FLOOD mode for AIM-7.
  • Added max target aspect cue на DDI (Radar format)
  • TOF issues for AIM-7/120 fixed.

DCS AJS 37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Exterior mirrors now reflect the environment
  • Fixed various clipping and shine-through issues in exterior (esp. Cockpit)
  • Sculpted new normal map for exhaust nozzle and area
  • Sculpted new normal map for exterior exhaust shell
  • Added RoughMet textures for the exhaust shell
  • Added static turbine texture for better deep engine detail
  • Metal elements on wings now have appropriate material definitions
  • SPA-mode: Fix of adding more than 9 MALs should reset count + manually entered MALs shouldn’t be overwritten.
  • SPA-mode: Info about fix (target heading and speed) wasnt displayed after a SKU-fix was taken and then it was also immediately overwritten in AKTPOS.
  • Other various fixes to SPA-mode
  • Bombing: Added bomb-rate "catch-up" on first bomb impulses: improves bombing accuracy
  • Bombing: DYK/dive bombing mode changed so release is begun at later time making the sight more centered in view and easier to use
  • Custom cartridges: Automatically generated mission plans improved with additional info in kneeboard
  • Custom cartridges: ability to automatically generate mission for MÅL and SKU targets by landing and setting master mode BER.
  • Custom cartridges: for dynamically generated cartridges the time-on-target can be changed with key command.
  • Other custom cartridge fixes
  • Added Quick Missions for Persian Gulf Map.
  • Changes to AI RB-04E definitions. AI now fire RB-04 and break away.
  • Updated RB04 / RB15 Warhead
  • Tweaked RB04E motor burntime..

DCS Yak-52
  • 3 blade propeller skin corrected.
  • Animation of priming plunger corrected.
  • Throttles visuals sync in both cockpits.
  • The flaps control is available for solo flight.
  • Fixed ARK-15M control light not showing status upon mission start.
  • Changed ejection order so that trainee ejects first.
  • Added Bare Metal skin for all countries.
  • Maximum nose wheel deflection angle corrected.
  • The setup radio frequency in the ME will be shown on the cockpit radio correctly.
  • Set trim analog axis to be bi-directional.
  • Added a properly sized oil cooler.
  • Implemented hide stick option.
  • Major improvement of input terms and cockpit tooltips.

  • Su-27/J-11A. AI intake FOD shields not retract after takeoff corrected.
  • J-11A. Engine sound corrected.
  • Su-25T. Very bright screen of Shkval corrected.
  • Su-33. Corrected an AI deck takeoff procedure without strange movements.
  • Su-27. Fuel increases after maneuver if "Unlimited Fuel" is checked - fixed.

DCS Spitfire IX
  • Spitfire CW liveries LODs corrected.
  • Reworked drop tank jettison so it pulls on attached drop tank only.

  • TACAN Volume Knob axis fixed.
  • Restored animation of TDC.

DCS Persian Gulf
  • Corrected Sirri Island VOR wrong frequency in map

  • Mi-8MTV2 - added Instant Action missions for Persian Gulf.
  • Ka-50 - added Instant Action missions for Persian Gulf.
  • FC3 - added Instant Action missions for Persian Gulf.
  • F/A-18C - added new Instant Action missions, gate flight, 8 vs 8 battle and two Case III landing.
  • Yak-52 - Added Instant Action missions for Nevada, Persian Gulf and Normandy maps.
  • F-15C Red Flag Campaign added CN localization
L-39C skins:
French EC24 by NOiD.
German Bundeswehr 28+53 by Papacharly.
P-51D skins (China Asset Pack):
PLAAF by zj_561
F/A-18C skins:
Turkey 162nd Sq by c@sper
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Default Open Beta Open Beta

DCS World
  • BRU-42 weight is corrected
  • Ground units are no more moved out of the bridge being attacked
  • Mouse camera control now works after mission change
  • Smoke from generators no more displayed after aircraft damaged
  • F10 map will center on players aircraft at first entering
  • ‘Twin S-25OFM’ payload weight corrected
  • DCS crash when user lands on carrier in VTOL aircraft fixed
  • Flight model updated for all AIM-7 family
  • Rain droplets artifacts fixed for all cockpits
  • Dust and smoke atmosphere effect added to Mission Editor
  • New label option added: Off, Full, Abbreviated, and Dot Only
  • AV-8B AGM-65E CTD fixed

Mission Editor
  • GUI Error when using task ‘Embark’ to transport for vehicle fixed
  • GUI Error when user tries to open tab Stop Condition after add waypoint fixed
  • Aircraft initial speed calculated based on optimal cruise values
  • Rain droplets option listbox replaced with checkbox
  • MSAA 8x option removed
  • F10 view can be unzoomed now when mission saved with maximal zoom in ME
  • Box for ‘Time left’ text expanded (offline mode)

  • No more HUD avionics freeze when Mer*6 Fab-100 jettisoned

  • max weight is corrected
  • Engine damage appears when player exceeds max possible RPM
  • Engine start sequence is corrected
  • ‘Fighter’ aircraft icon replaced

  • Normandy: terrain shining removed

  • AIM7 FLOOD mode corrected
  • PRF selection label by OSB 1 changed to PDI cannot be changed unless the lock is dropped
  • Hornet PAI will now engage targets with radar-guided missiles
  • Power Up sound, EW Tones and Lights added
  • HSI brightness now can be adjusted
  • Corrected AIM-9X search tone
  • Over-wing vapor added
  • AIM-9X HOBS extended to 90 degrees
  • New EW symbols added

  • Gunsight option for L-39 moved to the Mission Editor, aircraft panel

  • RWR intensity knob now rotates smooth
  • F-5E Chinese cockpit texture added

  • Mi-8MTV2 Chinese cockpit texture updated

China Asset Pack
  • Surface-To-Air missile parameters updated

  • Mi-8 Oilfield: Mission 12 improved, APA-80 starts after switching off the external power

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Default Open Beta hotfix Open Beta hotfix

Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of Hero campaign added
  • VR glitch with modal windows fixed
  • Unit icons on F10 view fixed for multimonitor configurations (note: second screen doesn’t cleared after switching to F10 view)

Mission Editor
  • GUI Error when try to load some static templates fixed
  • GUI Error when selecting a group of units after loading a template fixed

Known issue: Missin Editor crashes when user stays in Payload window some time without actions

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Default Open Beta hotfix 2
  • Senaki parking positions fixed in "FC3-Su-27-Blockade.miz" mission
  • Wrong mission texts in no-EN locales for "SoH-F-15C-IA - BFM" Quick Start mission fixed
  • Mission Editor crash fixed
  • Multimonitor configurations: picture on second monitor now cleared when user switches to F10 map

  • ACM indication error when select AA weapon fixed

  • Throttle sticking in max and min positions when controlled by keyboard fixed
  • Trimmer reverse in pitch channel fixed
Known issue: crash on protected terrains still exists
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Default DCS Open Beta hotfix 3

  • Fixed crash at start mission in the Persian Gulf and Normandy.
  • Fixed issue of Oculus Rift with Asynchronous Spacewarp mode.
  • Added Helicopters Ops mission dedicated to start of sales the Helicopters bundle (Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, UH-1H, SA342)
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Default DCS Open Beta

DCS World
  • Corrected GUI panels behaviour. Panels will be automatically closed when player opening new panel.
  • MP. Intermittent Multiplayer Server Crash VCRUNTIME140.dll on F/A-18С rearming - fixed.
  • Fixed crash with multi-monitor setup procedure.
  • VR. Fixed issue when some menu items are unreachable at high main monitor resolution.
  • VR. Cursor stretching in VR with windows cursor scale - fixed.
  • ME. The high default speed of helicopters at initial WP - fixed.
  • ME. Removed Double dots appears near the pasted unit on the map.
  • A-10C "Stone Shield' campaign: CN localization added.

  • Carrier catapults will work correctly at low and high temperature of the environment.
  • Added missing Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) for RWS.
  • Fix radar boresight mode. Now scan range is equal 10 Nm.
  • Incorrect radar azimuth coverage after lock-on - fixed.
  • HSI waypoint will be the incorrect location on moving map.

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Nose light cone from landing light will not be seen if battery depleted.

Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Su-27 SoH BFM mission will not required installed F/A-18C module.
  • Added czech localization to missing FC3 instant action missions.

DCS Combined Arms
  • M1A1 sound issue with error message - fixed.

  • Corrected cockpit glass transparency.

DCS Yak-52
  • Logbook will work with Yak-52.

DCS F-5E-3
  • Flight manual CN added.
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Default DCS Hotfix 4

DCS Open Beta Hotfix 4

DCS World
  • Old style Labels option recognized incorrect fixed
  • GUI Error when trying to paste a linked unit fixed
  • Fixed a rare sound-related startup freeze
  • Controls in the window bottom now accessible in 4k resolution
  • Uncontrolled HAI falls through the ship fixed

  • FC3 and Su-33: added missing filename extensions
  • Su-33: twin rocket blocks moved from 4,9 to 3,10 pylons
  • F/A-18 Lesson_2 Cold Start mission corrected (static object moved from of aircraft)
  • Yak-52 input russian localization corrected for undercarriage commands
  • Network: receiving max ping fixed
  • Chat Window key bindings fixed

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Default DCS

New free mini campaign of F/A-18C.

Persian Gulf map update 2. Added a few landmarks: Aldar Headquarters building, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque etc. Fix coastline. Corrected terrain mesh.

DCS World
  • Tanker and AWACS callsigns missing option to set flight number - fixed.
  • Custom labels in mission container doesn't applies in simulation (single and multiplayer) - fixed.
  • Options - Input texts disappears in some multimonitor configurations - fixed.
  • Scale UI does not scale properly to UIMainView if not the Same Resolution as DCS Resolution - fixed.
  • ME. When set to Imperial units the dust-storm setting still uses metric - fixed.
  • Fog and Dust settings will reset on creation of new mission.
  • Stennis. AI will abort landing if other AI spawn on catapults 3 and 4.
  • Stennis. Corrected AI spawn positions.
  • Mk-20 Rockeye. Increased cumulative factor of Mk118 submunitions.
  • R-77 AA missile. Was added the adaptive proportional navigation factors.
  • P-19 surveillance radar added to countries that have SA-2.
  • Added new units: SAM SA-2, SAM Rapier, ASM HY-2 Silkworm, Oil platform, Gas platform.

  • Added Hornet mini-campaign and single missions from the campaign.
  • Flashing X on radar page, little refactoring.
  • Sometimes radar can't lock the target and beam oscillate near target position - fixed.
  • Added Mk-82Y (high drag with ballute) added to the Hornet inventory.
  • Note: while the radar is much improved, there are some b-sweep oddities are still addressing.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • MiG-29 and Su-27 keyboard rudder control improved. Pressing the opposite key will now stop the rudder at the current position.

Combined Arms
  • Manpad Igla. The constantly shake of Igla sight is removed.

  • Training missions added CN localization

DCS: MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed PRMG localizer needles' animations.
  • Corrected canopy glass normal map texture - Huge sun glare removed.

DCS: AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Added possibility to load Bx, RUTA points etc from saved-games folder ini-file. A sample cartridge is in mods-folder.
  • Added Bx6-9 targeting data for Rb15 to autogenerated attack-missions.
  • Auto generated attack missions now plans for highest concentration of enemy units instead of closest units.
  • Increased available attack plans to 5 and added some extra info to differentiate them.
  • Added possibly to disable cartridges in Mission Editor.
  • Filter out non-airbases among reference data points in CK37 and kneeboard. This solves the issue where 80+ FARPs in the mission resulted in CTD and when FARPs close to spawn point would be set as take-off point for CK37.
  • Added T1-fix for two-stage triggers.

The Enemy Within: important update to M19.
M-2000C Red Flag: updates to M02 and M10.
Memory of a Hero. Corrected most missions.
M-2000C Red Flag campaign:
Mission 3: updated erroneous kneeboard (wrong frequency listed fixed),
Mission 4: bug with disappearing MiG-29s fixed.
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Default DCS Open Beta

Introduced the new Professional FM of MiG-29.

DCS World
  • MP. The MP server panel can be closed by press to X in the upper-right corner.
  • Antiship missile HY-2 range extended to 100 km.
  • F10 map. Corrected Chinese char display in online mode.
  • Fixed GUI error when use ship task Attack Group to static object.
  • VR. Weapons pop-up menu in ME is cut on edge of screen - fixed.
  • ME. With copy-paste operation it is possible to make mission with several Player roles - fixed.
  • Reloading time has been defined for HY-2 and SA-2.
  • Ticonderoga. Increased the missiles launch rate of VLS to 1 launch every 2 sec.
  • Stennis. AI will not taxi into you If path blocked.
  • KJ-2000 will shows as A50 on Western RWR
  • Attributes list of new Surface to Surface missile corrected.
  • UH-60A AI will not crashes into ground when trying to landing to Novorossiysk.
  • Fixed issue that caused an unable to rearm of ground AI from warehouses.
  • Windsock shows incorrect wind direction with dynamic weather - fixed.
  • Fixed ME error when you try to add suppliers after change ship type.
  • AIM-9M/L major FM update. Adjusted lift and drag curves, motor performance, DLZ.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fix to airfields not appearing in kneeboard and CK37 in Nevada.
  • Removed smoke when afterburner engaged.
  • Axis command for master mode selector added.
  • Parking brake in correct visual position on spawn.
  • Data-rotary command clockwise/counterclockwise added, default data-rotary position set to AKTPOS.
  • Weapon interval selector clickability reversed so right-click = clockwise.
  • Seat adjustment command reversed.
  • Dynamically generated attack missions egress-speed set to M0.8.
  • Fix to .ini custom cartridge not being selectable.
  • More descriptions in sample cartridge.
  • Seriestrim (transsonic autotrim) was disabled when autopilot was on so when having autopilot on and accelerating through subsonic to supersonic and then disabling autopilot would result in a pitch-yank, often blacking out the pilot.
  • Modified high-drag bombs ballistics for easier usage.
  • Various bug-fixes.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed ASO device initialization.
  • Fixed pneumatic pressure gauge from constantly reading zero.
  • Fixed SARPP from not recording all flight information.
  • Reversed DA-200 bank indicator animation
  • Reversed NPP localizer bar animation
  • Reversed UVW for air pressure gauge warning colors

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  • Hotfix B-sweep no longer renders outside the radar tactical area.
  • Corrected the drag value of TCTS Pod.
  • TDC cursor position maintains location after target breaks lock.
  • Aerial refueling Instant Action missions have been corrected.
  • B-Sweep no longer hangs when radar loses lock. This issue is still being worked on for an undesignate button break lock.

DCS L-39
  • Added Instant Action missions for Persian Gulf.
  • Corrected RSBN training mission.

  • Added Instant Action missions for Normandy map

  • Su-27. Corrected Su-27 leading edge flaps net synchronization for the clients.
  • MiG-29. Incorrect display of aircraft model in mirrors - fixed.
  • New Instant Action missions for MiG-29A and MiG-29S on Caucasus.

Memory of Hero - updated most of missions.
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