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Default Realistic multi carrier ops?

Hey guys, I know I will get a lot of varied responses here but I am looking for a group that does very realistic Carrier Ops and gets together on a semi-regular basis. I won't always be able to make it but would love to have the opportunity to fly with some people to at least take this a little bit seriously. I would love to see your group it takes into account stacking as well as spinning and regular boat recoveries. Is there a resource where I can see all the different virtual squadrons? I know I could dig but time is my one precious resource. Is Discord the thing to use to make comms easier between players? New to all of this but not new to real flying.
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Here is the squadron directory. It is under the multiplayer section.

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Check out https://www.vcvw-11.com
VF-213 CO

Heatblur F-14 SME
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Looking for:

Another small group or individuals to either;
  • Merge with
  • Join us
  • An established group to fly with full time or part time.

Where? European time zone, Europe only, English speaking.

When? Right now, every other evening. Not during work hours.

Who? We are a much quieter old squadron needing new pilots with energy.

What we are: older professionals with a long record of multiplayer, that take the simulation seriously. Some of us have LotATC licenses, can script LUA and make basic mods. We have a repertoire of docs over the years for training. Lots of experience to share.

What we like: Multiplayer and team work, complexity, learning process, accuracy and fidelity, leaning towards Air to Air in Hornet. Looking forward to Tomcat and Phantom MP. CV Ops, Immersion and realism. We like training and working with people that have a hunger for self learning and don't ask to be spoonfed. Challenges.

What we can fit into: Squadrons merging, existing friendship groups or groups who fancy a little competition with a guest aggressor team.

What we aren't into: People that don't want to try to do things properly, kill counts or glory seekers. Casual. Large rosters with no regulars. People not after the same goals.

What you might not like about us: We wanna see the Tacview before we go to bed, and we'd like a say in our flight plan, if at all possible. Occasional work commitments.

We are currently flying more than twice a week, albeit with only 2-3 online it's needing another flight or two, to get spicey. We are primarily on Hormuz in Hornets but can work with AV-8B. Crazy Mig-21 pilots and F-5's would make it very interesting. Choppers not so much I'm afraid. We mainly fly in VR, so have some natural limitations.

PM me if any part of that might work for you, or your group.
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Virtual Steel Eagles

DCS World Community,
The Virtual Steel Eagles (VSE) will be releasing new information within the next couple of weeks. Currently our staff members are going over some final details and have been setting up our official Discord server.

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Default Joint Air Ground Task Force

=JAGTF= Is Recruiting! Are you looking for a serious teamwork and skill orientated group to join but without any of the “yes sir” and paperwork of a milsim group? JAGTF flies primarily NATO fixed wing aircraft and all helos, but we are open to new blood who fly both fixed and rotary craft. We operate a discord channel and our own server for DCS World. JAGTF is committed to using groop tactics and promotes members flying as a wing. We play both on our own server and other major dcs servers. (DDCS, BLUEFLAG, ect). We are looking for competent pilots as well as new pilots looking for a place to learn and grow.

We are on throughout the afternoon and evening (EST) most weekends and 2-3 weekdays during the week. We don't have any must be on X hours activity requirement.

Join our Discord today at https://discord.gg/GcCnjE7
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Click image for larger version

Name:	USAF_-_414th_Fighter_Group.png
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414th Joint Fighter Group

[414th][Casual][Noob-friendly][All platforms][All regions]

Recently established, we're looking for pilots to fly with us! The 414th is a noob-friendly squadron for those that are looking to fly with others online with no-extra frills or fine print attached or mandatory attendance required. Most of our pilots are in the US, with a few in EU. Activity mostly occurs around 2:00 PM through 8:00 PM PST on the weekdays and 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM PST on the weekends where we fly on GAW, 107th, and DDCS servers.

We welcome pilots of all skill levels and platforms and are willing to teach newer pilots the in's and out's of their respective aircraft. Also looking to participate in operations once we get a solid roster going and get everyone trained up.
Our discord: https://discord.gg/aCF4KwM
Our website: http://www.414th-jfg.tk/
If you're looking for a group to fly with and have a good time doing so, please feel free to join us!
See you in the skies! o7

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Any squadrons out there that have a lot of members in the PST timezone? Looking for a group to fly with.

Primarily F-18. Thanks
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UK Navalopps

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore.

UK Navalops
is a virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the Razbam Harrier and the DCS F18C. We also have attack and transport helicopter squadrons flying the Black Shark, the Gazelle and the UH1 Huey. Each of these squadrons are based on real Naval squadon within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where pilots can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron.

We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both online and offline flights. all Pireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often as they like although our main missions are Saturday nights.


800 Naval Air Squadron

801 Naval Air Squadron

892 Naval Air Squadron

Commando Helicopter Force

Aswell as flight squadrons we have a ground element:

Royal Marines Commando

We currently have 800 NAS & 801 NAS Flying the Razbam Harrier, and 892 NAS Flying the DCS F18c
Commando Helicopter Force is active but doesnt have dedicated members, however this could change, numbers permitting.

We are looking for experienced Harrier pilots to help with training.

Dont worry if you have no experience because we have an fun training package set up. plus we dont shove people in a training squadron for three months before they get to fly combat missions. new pilots will be assigned a mentor who will help them through it all.

If flying isnt your thing we have a dedicated ground unit which can run completely indipendantly from the rest of the group, but can provide JTAC and Recce support when needed. This unit is for DCS World Combined Arms

If you are interested then please go to our website

and fill in the short application.
If you need any more info please dont hesitate to contact me by pm on here.
See you in the skies


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Default Carrier Air Wing Eight Actively Recruiting for F-14 Drivers!

Are you looking for a realistic milsim/milsim-lite for the F-14 Tomcat? Look no further! CVW-8 is actively seeking for veteran pilots to fill out the ranks of VF-31 and VF-213! Carrier Air Wing Eight is accepting applications now!

If you are interested, please visit our website linked below. There you will find our wing application form, along with links to our Discord and Teamspeak 3 channel.

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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