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Default Normandy Map Suggestion - REMOVE the ALGs

ED, how about removing the ALGs from the Normandy map, and instead including a set of "airfield" type assets to the mission builder, similar to this MOD?

This would give the map itself a historical "life" from 1940/41 to August 1944, instead of the current June-August 1944 period.

Mission makers and server hosts could then determine where bases could be put, if they wanted, thus simulating all sorts of pre-invasion scenarios.

Then, as more aircraft modules are developed, the base map would not need to change.
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I know the optionality of the airfields has been requested several times, along with options to hide them or use field bases. I don't think ED has the tech ready for that but I'm no expert.
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Would certainly make the map a lot more dynamic, and also open up the option of building WW2 era airfields for the period aircraft on the other maps that would otherwise require the use of modern airbases.
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This would be great. It would be nice to have the option, especially for the Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer ALG so that an Omaha Beach mission can be done.
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Adding airfields dynamically is apparently very problematic, as you have already seen, if you have read the thread from the team that created that airfield.

What ED might be able to do is have the ALG be an ME asset. I'm not saying it would necessarily be simply to create, but they could hypothetically have 2 predefined 'tiles' in the map per ALG position. In the ME the mission creator could check-off whether an ALG is used, or the pre-ALG landscape.

Since the ALG are already defined, that would be no extra work. The pre-ALG landscape should also be no biggy. Creating a system for selecting and merging tiles might just be a real bitch, but I'm just guessing.
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