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Talking DCS World Ocean Life Mod


The First ever,,

DCS World Ocean Life Mod!

This started out as a joke.
Mario had sent me a rendered Blue whale with the caption,
"What is this? A new type of Submarine?"

So I asked him to animate it.
He said he had never done this before, but would try.
He sent me the Whale, animated.
He then sent a Tiger Shark! Also animated.

I took the Single Whale and created a pod of Whales!

So now we have the first ever

"Whale Pod Mod!"

I would like to dedicate this mod to..........

Leonard Nimoy,
DeForest Kelly
and James Doohan

And christen the Whale...


From Star Trek - The Voyage Home

In their Honor!

GvJME Ready

Have fun

The WW II ADC Team

And Please..... Do Not Nuke The Whales!

"I don't think swimming is such a Good idea right now!"


New Link!
Mod Up-dated to Version 2.5
New ocean life added.
See post # 26

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Excellent. Do they have a damage model?
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haha wtf is this great!
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Commence whale noises!
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multiplayer server whale watching only and no guns?

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Do you know what you've done?

Who needs whales when there's no Klingon Bird of Prey?!

So, off with you, and don't come back until you've got a Pre-Alpha Bird of Prey. And after Alpha I definitely want to see a whale tank option with transparent aluminum walls!

Oh... hold on... my bad, sorry. The Bird of Prey is already there in all the screenshots, should have spotted it right away.
Great job, I'm especially impressed with how well you implemented the cloaking device.

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That's awesome
I'd like to see the Rainbow in DCS or any other flights sim
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