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Default Gazelle Live Stream

Dear all,

On Sunday, April 10 at 1200 US Pacific Time, Polychop and I plan do to a Youtube livestream of the Gazelle. Next week we plan to move the Gazelle into test, and we think this is a great time to start showing off the near-final product. In addition to me trying my hand at flying the Gazelle, the Polychop team will be on chat to answer Gazelle questions posted in this thread.

In addition to showing off the Gazelle, we will also be providing a first look at a massive texture overhaul DLC of the Caucasus map done by Starway. More information on this will be coming.

Please post your Gazelle questions here for Polychop.


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Will multicrew support be available at release?
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The Sa-342 Gazelle module include HOT and Scout variant, or have separate modules?
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Some questions on how the crewing works. From other posts/videos, it seems that weapons can only be fired from the left-seat aircraft commander position.

(1) In single-player (no multicrew), I assume that the AI pilot takes over at this point? If so, do we have to get to the aircraft in a stable hover before handing off to the AI pilot? Or will the AI pilot take over flight no matter what the state of the aircraft? Once we get to the aircraft commander seat, how much control do we have over how the AI pilot flies the aircraft? Can we tell it to come to a hover from a fast forward flight? Or vice versa?

(2) Conversely, if the player is occupying the pilot seat, can he/she give any instructions to the aircraft commander to fire? etc.

(3) If the player is sitting in the aircraft commander position, are the flight controls still active? I.e., pushing cycling etc.
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Could you please provide details or at least a conceptual overview on how the recon mission will work? We've heard that there will be special support for the recon mission hard-coded into the Gazelle. Does this mean that, e.g., if a specific target is in the LOS of the Gazelle some event will be triggered?

EDIT: will the recon mission profile of the Gazelle only work if the mission editor creator specifically puts in triggers etc.? Or is it more general. E.g., can I just create a mission with a player Gazelle and an Apache and, say an enemy tank on the map and have the Gazelle spot for the Apache. E.g., I fly a Gazelle and if I see a target of interest I can somehow pass this information to the Apache (which will then "see" it the same time and the follow its on ROE or actions accordingly)? Or do I have to create a specific mission trigger that, when the player sees something, a task is pushed or a flag is set or something else that results in a change in the Apache AI behavior.

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is it going to have campaign just like
Iraq-iran war?
it was involved in the 80s in the war..

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Are the following effects modeled?
- fog / icing
- overheating / overstressing of the engine or other parts

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1. Has a price for the Gazelle module been decided yet?, are you guy's having a pre-purchase for the module?

2. I noticed in the excellent start up video you released you mentioned a fully functional navigation system on the Gazelle, what functions will be available on the system?

3. Will there be an English cockpit option included in the module Special options tab in game?

This one for Wags if I may.....

Q. The new textures that are going to be shown, will these be part of the standard Caucasus map upgrade in 2.5 or a separate DLC? (This upgrade sounds awesome BTW ).
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Can't wait! I love Starway's northern Europe textures.
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What is the maximun range of the HOT 3 missile?
Which sub variant of the gazelle will be added first post launch? SNEB? 20 mm? etc.

For Wags: Since you mention that the texture overhaul is a "DLC", does that mean that it is paid content?

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