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Default Slmod for DCS 1.5/2.0

After a few months of tweaks, waiting for expansion to the API, and a ton of testing slmod is now in a workable state for release. Note you will likely encounter bugs.

I've tested this on the latest 1.5.8 and 2.1. Theoretically it should work just fine on 2.5 but you never know.

Download the development branch on github. Copy scripts folder into C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS (folder of choice)

When you first run DCS after installing slmod a new folder named "slmod" in saved games\DCS will be created. Within this folder is the config file which you can use to setup slmod as you desire. Additionally you can place missions within the missions folder for slmod to list the available missions when you want to change the mission as admin.

If you want to disable slmod you can simply open the file 'userGameGUI.lua' and comment out the slmod code.

What is SLMOD

SLMOD is a server side mod that adds server administration tools, stats, and enhanced mission scripting capabilities. It is worth noting that the scripting engine is now capable of most if not all of the scripting functions slmod adds, so it primarily should be considered a server admin mod.

For more information on slmod check out the thread by its original creator Speed.

Known Issues/Bugs
-Chat logger saves message of the day
-Command for users to register as an admin if they give the correct password is not functional. You have to add admins manually as host.
-Stats not fully tested for all weapons or aircraft types. Expect stat tracking issues with L-39, especially in multicrew.
-All "text" messages are sent at a group level, so if the mission has multiple flights per group the other players in your group will see the message intent for you. There is nothing I can do about this until ED implement the a message to Unit or message to player functionality.
-restart command not functional due to not knowing the name of the current mission
-If you are going to use SLMODs "pause when empty" feature I highly recommend unchecking the options when creating a server in the advanced menu so that slmod and the server settings don't potentially "fight" one another.

Fixed issues:
build 71
-outText messages (what missions/slmod use to display stuff) will not display if you have slmod installed as a client on another server.
build 72
-mission specific stats won't work. Currently API is missing a way to know the name of the currently loaded mission file.
build 74
-admin commands should now be correctly suppressed
-Stats formatting adjustments. Table will still be out of slight alignment, but extra line breaks should no longer be present
-Fixed issue with MGRS related commands not working
-Fixed the Mig-29A showing as a weapon when used in a kamikaze attack

Please report bugs and issues you come across in this thread. I've made this new thread since its more relevant here than in mods.
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Thank you
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Fantastic! Thanks
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Ignore me. Didn't fully read the notes!
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Thank you to keep up update for SLMOD
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Looking good so far on 2.0. Everything seems to do what it's supposed to.
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In 2.0 '-admin restart' seems not to work. I get the chat message that it's restarting but nothing happens. No *.log entry either. Loading the mission with '-admin load X' functions properly. Maybe that is addicted to the "dont know what mission is running" thing...

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bug report.

if installed on a 'part time server' (hosting sometimes playing on other servers sometimes)

when joining other server the dialog box does not show up (thats the box on the right that shows mission messages like the ctld script for picking up and droping off troops)

as a host these messages show correctly.
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