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Default Grass' pit, "Ridgewood"

old build thread is now complete. I finally broke ground on new pit framework. fresh build, fresh thread (this time without the "oops" i hope)
initially planned building Flim's Cubic projection pit, already had 3 powerlines and HDMI installed on the cieling even. that however meant not having anything else in the room while leaving a lot of space unusable. so after a lot of painful back and forth i decided to compromise and build with dual projection 180FOV screen, not a bad solution at all.

built two ceiling high cabinets to house various junk i keep collecting and serve as anchor points for the screen. stretched 2 homasote sheets , will need to sand and patch the seam and the screws before painting. not yet sure if to go for ordinary white paint-on screen or to try and pull of a black pearl, still researching various recipes for that finish.

flight PC will be housed in the left side cabinet. made two drawers on full extension rails, will make connections and maintenance easier. friend donated another antec 1200 chassy for the cause. while not as facionable these days it is still a very good case and two of those side by side look very neat (when clean ). PC sill needs to be built however, will be keeping my eyes open for deals on components this holiday season.

seat frame took several tries to get the geometry right. not trying to match a particular craft, but rather focusing on shape to suit my personal comfort. Following the footsteps of Bergison and KLR Rico i will try to accomplish a seat with tacktile feedback. 4 wiper motors are on order as well as controllers and foam for cushion. I used quite a lot of reclaimed wood for the project so the inside is not the prettiest, tried to pant the worst spots however.

for the ease of entry seat is mounted on rails and can move 10 inches back. on the underside of the base hides a compact but powerful 24V linear actuator salvaged from a hospital bed that acts on a transfer plate. managed to build a linkage in such way that both transfer plate and actuator have full range of motion and the motor embedded limit switches cut off the power before any undue stress happens.


My pit build thread .
Simple and cheap UFC project

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Nice beginning Anton. I think a 2 screen experience is still going to be breath taking.

If I might make a few suggestions which you have probably already planned for... install a remote for your room lights so you can turn them off when your seated comfortably and ready to start. If your going to fly while the sun is up, the window blinds will not be enough to block ambient light. Even a small amount of light will ruin the image on the screen. I have black foam core cut to the exact window size. It's just a press fit but when I push it in to place it does an excellent job at blocking 99% of the light. Ambient light is a projectors worst enemy.

When I was buying my projection system, I had the opportunity to see the quality of five different projectors almost at the same time. They had a bank of projectors setup so you could switch from one to another with a simple remote. I was able to see the differences quite easily. What was more enlightening was their screens. They had several motorized screens to compare quality while you sat in their theater room so you could see half of one and half of another. It was then that I saw what a huge difference screen quality made. I tell you all this because it made choosing a system much easier but most important, you could immediately see the differences from system to system.

Until you actually see what a good screen can do you won't know what your missing. I would rather have a good screen and mediocre projector then the other way around.

It's just something to keep in mind when you start shopping.

This is going to be an amazing cockpit when it's finished my friend. Good idea to start a new thread Anton. Looking forward to more progress pics.
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thank you for your comment John.
while there is only one real option for projector (benq st1080 or 85 to accomplish the short throw, optoma is out due to color), i am indeed in thought block as far as screen finish. looked at blackout cloth and other cloth screens , but not sure if i will be able to glue them neatly enough without making wrinkles. as far as paints i am looking at AZ black pearl, Silver Fire 2.5 and other recipes and just can't decide how dark of a grey i'd like to go. it boils down to amount of ambiance i am going to have and there is no way to tell the end result for sure without trying couple finishes first... i guess i will start with white - ceiling is already painted with sherwin wiliams per$100.htm ( as i said i was preparing for cubic projection) and brother in-law promised to loan me his benq beamer.

My pit build thread .
Simple and cheap UFC project
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wow. this it going to be epic

definitely following your work

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Awesome as usual Anton.
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Excellent work Anton! Will be following this build.
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Can't wait to see more Anton. Nice job indeed.
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Very nice Anton Will follow you thread

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Hey Anton very nice work. Projector screen will be very nice I am sure. Keep it up
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Hello Anton,

very nice work. I also like your old build, especially the panels.

I will use 3 benq TH682ST in my screen. There will be some free time at Chrismas, so that I can show you some pictures in a view days.

Because the paint of the screen I also tought about "black pearl", but I fear that the aluminium pigments maybe shine to much. Do you know somebody who used it?
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