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Default Recruitment - We Need You!!

Dear DCS Community,
With upcoming modules for DCS consumer products and military contracts we are in need to fill positions for certain projects.

Preference would be for candidates to have a working knowledge of DCS integration at a developer level but it is not necessary as guides and tutorials will be given by existing development team members.
Knowledge in the given position is a must and proof of concept work may be required if proof of past work cannot be given.

All works carried out are under full contract terms and conditions with agreed invoicing and payment terms between VEAO and the individual / company.
Full terms will be discussed during the interview process.

Certain military contracts will require security clearance and checks will be carried out so applicants must take this into consideration and again this will be discussed during the interview process.

A signed Non-Disclosure-Agreement will be required prior to stage 2 interviews.

There will be a 3 stage interview.
Stage 1 - Initial discussion with candidate regarding their current/past/future works and general VEAO development process.
Stage 2 - With NDA signed; discussion on VEAO current and future projects, development process structure and detailed examples of past/current works by the candidate demonstrated.
Stage 3 - In-depth interview by existing development team members. Proof of concept projects may be required.

Candidates going forward past stage 3 will be given a template full contract to review prior to signing.

All works will be sub-contracted to contractual milestones and we are not currently taking full time positions as employees within the company.

VEAO Simulations Ltd is an equal opportunities employer.

All applications must be emailed to
A CV / Resume is required detailing past and current works related to the position applying for.
Any applications received without a CV / Resume will not be considered.
Candidates will receive a response within 30 days of submitting their application.

Positions available:
  • Advanced Systems Modelling (ASM) programmer
  • External Flight Model (EFM) to Professional Flight Model (PFM) standard programmer
  • Internal cockpit and external liveries texture artist
  • Digital display (HUD/MFD/MHDD/Radios) texture artist / programmer
  • Sound engineer
  • Manual documentation writer
  • GUI artist
  • DCS World mission / campaign creator
  • 3d Modellers for buildings / ground objects / ground units
  • Terrain cartographer

If you have any general questions please post them here or for specific questions email

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Kind regards,

VEAO Simulations Ltd
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Good news for DCS!
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good initiative.... (bad the language barrier )
More news to the front
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I wish i could have any experience - I have a lot of free time and looking for a job. ^_^ Unfortunately the only experience i have is within cockpit building.

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I have always held you guys in very high regard with your professionalism and your interaction with the community but this is an unexpected and excellent step and can only benefit VEAO, ED and ourselves the punters

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Interesting, may have to take another look at my 3D work.
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Nice to see a company recruiting
Darn, the closest thing there that I could do is sound engineer, but it really was a long time ago when I worked in a studio (1976). I was an engineer that tweaked and serviced the recording / playback equipment, even managed to win an industry award for high quality, it was all analogue tape, from recording in the studio right through to the cassettes we put out the door .

Oh and I do have security clearance too, been vetted a few times over the years
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Best of luck to VEAO and your future projects! Especially the typhoon
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Oh how I wish I was qualified for any of these positions...

Damn my computer illiteracy!


I have an A-level in English Language... Can I write the manuals?

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