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Default [Review] Simped F16/USB vs. MFG Crosswind

Referencing the SimHQ build and development thread.

I'd like to present a Warthog among rudder pedals:

Review/comparison of the two high end, custom made rudder pedals. Recorded with a smart phone, please excuse the shaking and occasional stuttering.

Visit MilanFlightGear website for more details: mfg.simundza.com

[01:22] Simped F16/USB
[04:58] MFG Crosswind
[09:44] PROS over Simped F16/USB
[12:14] CONS vs Simped and in general
[14:16] DCS, ROF & IL2 Impressions
[16:12] SUMMARY

A couple of things I would like to mention:

Inability to adjust pedal width without ordering an extra plate really isn't a con (no pedals have that option), the better headline would be a WISH LIST. Coupled with that are the remarks about toe brakes - an icing on the cake would be a progressive spring here IMO. And last but not least, about the rudder use during takeoff in DCS: P-51D you can see in the video. It is a technique I saw watching this YT video: On Board Mustang Sally. For more information what actually happens during takeoff in a P-51D, you can read comments from a '51 pilot commenting on A2A's P-51D: P-51 tips from a real pilot.


After electronics update pedals now feature a bootloader, I am now running the latest firmwire:

- The problem of high ID is now gone and the pedals will assume the very last ID in line.
- Additionally, the pedals now feature auto calibration so that you can just plug them in and go do some flying.
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Thank you for moving the thread to a correct section.
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Those pedals sure looks good!

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Default FAQ

Mr. Šimundža posted a FAQ about his pedals and future plans after the first batch reaches its customers:

When will pedals be available?
- Pedals should be in stock and free to buy from 5-15.09.2013

Do you take preorders?
- I will not accept payments until I know exact date of shipping. However, you can send me your order intention so I plan my production better. Sending order intention does not obligate you to buy!

What's the price?
- 262 € + shipping if you pay with PayPal. For bank transfer and Western Union you are granted discount of 4.5 % on total amount - but money transfer expenses are buyers obligation. This is due to PayPal transfer fees.
- I have the right to change the price at any time! I think I can keep this price, but I will know for sure only after I produce few small batches and see if I calculate production costs right.

- I give my personal 2 year limited warranty. Limited means that I will send spare parts and customer duty is to replace possible damaged parts. Warranty claims need to be sent with photos or videos of the problem - so I can grant warranty. Warranty does not include mechanical damage caused by excessive force of over 40 kg of pressure on pedals... and similar excessive abuse of the product, electrical discharge on the USB electronics.
- I am obligated to provide spare parts for at least 5 years. If I stop production and cannot longer provide spare parts I here obligate to publish my complete project so others can build spare parts too.

Other type of foot plates?
- Right now my priority is to start production with Luftwaffe style foot plates. Combat style (F-16/ Boeing) are in development but will not be available in 2013. There are some style discussion about those and need to go through testing phase, that's why.
- So, in the future, pedals will be available to buy with different foot plate style 100 % sure... Customer will be able to buy different style separately or to buy extra foot plates when buying pedals.

Grey or other colors?
- Pedals will ship in white/black color until further notice. Explained: I think I would like my pedals in grey/black too. But to do that I need to order material in large quantity. Right now it's a problem since I don't know how much community need, and I don't have enough money for such investment. I will make a survey on my website so potential buyers can express their opinion and liking based on Photoshop coloring of pedals. Then I will decide what color to use based on most user opinions.

Additional CAM centering profiles?
- First 10x buyers will receive 3x cam profiles. Their obligation is to make an opinion which 2 out of 3 are best. Future customers will get 2x cam profiles standard.
- In future I will most likely develop more CAM profiles, depending if it is necessary or not.
Extra cam profiles will be possible to purchase with pedals, like an add-on... or existing buyers will be able to buy separately.

Price of extra foot plates and cam profiles?
- This price I don't know yet. It's only speculation that CAM profile should cost ~10 €, foot plates I will try to produce in 30-40 € price range for a set.

What if I don't like your predicted spring behavior?
- Spring mechanism is designed in a way that every customer can get his own spring made. It can me smaller or bigger diameter, and shorter than original spring... extremely easy to exchange original spring with custom made one... or some standard off the shelf spring.

Additional width adjustment plate?
- I will publish my design and dimensions of such plate. Customer can make his own easy.
If there are enough inquiries for such plate I will make it possible to buy as a spare part.

I saw you noted that cable for brakes might give up after 5-10 years. What did you do about that?
- I have modified my design to make sure cables last as much as possible. Other than that I made sure that cables are easy to replace by customer. When and if there will be a need for such replacement there will be spare set of braking cable available. It will be with connectors and Hall sensor - assembled set of cables... Predicted price for a set = 12 €. Replacement will be 5 min job that 12 year old child can do, with a little help of quick glue and a screwdriver.
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Since I used simpeds for nearly 10 years and mine are now kinda worn, I´m happy that I found your review and that milan took the effort and developed his masterpiece. From what I saw in your review and what I heard from milan, those are going to be my next rudder pedals. I take milans word and hope they are "Precise, comfortable, adjustable, realistic, sturdy..." so they live through another decade, like my simpeds did.

At first glance 260+ € is a lot of money for a piece of 'toy'. Considering how many hours I spent in my pit 'playing' different sims (il2, CloD, DCS, FSX, RoF) it´s a lot cheaper than having a hobby like the movies and spend money on DVD`s bluerays and cinema-tickets.

So I 'preordered' and will be happy when milan is ready to deliver. Thank you Thor for a great review.

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My MFG pedals arrived yesterday in good order.

Packaging was exceptional.
Workmanship and engineering is impeccable.

Assembly was minimal, fix pedals,connect Brake wires to snap in fittings, attach USB chord, Attach spring. All took about 10mins max.
Connected to PC and all was well.
Did a basic Win 7 Calibration on them.
Then using a supplied utility did a specific Brake calibration.

Fired up DCS P51D. New controller shown in options as Simunda MFG.
Assigned each brake axis, as Slider and tick the invert box
Set DZ at 10 , Curvature at 35.
For rudder again DZ 10 curvature 35
Went Flying

Absolutely stunning, Smooth progressive Differential brakes, Absolutely smooth Rudder application.
Yet to test the other 2 centering cams that came with them. Cam changing about a 5 min job.

So far so good .... Easily the best rudder pedals I have used on a PC.

Only issue I had was figuring out where Win7 hides the calibration panel ! Here is the way to it for future reference.
Start Control Panel
In the little Search box type in "Game"
then you will see the Setup USB game controller option.
click on it then Properties

My "pit" is on a large piece of Chipboard. To attach pedals to the Floor I cut 2 small bits of wood and MDF. The rear section to prevent rearward movement. The centre piece to prevent lateral movement. these 2 pieces working together effectively lock the pedals in place. There was no tendancy for the pedals to rise with aggressive use and or brake application. The anti slip mat under the pedals is probably not required. I chose this method rather than physically attaching the pedal base to the wood with screws. I had no need for the wall spacers as a already had a "Wall spacer" arrangement in place for my previous pedals.

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Or just type in joycpl in the windows search from the programs menu
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Originally Posted by jay43 View Post
Or just type in joycpl in the windows search from the programs menu


To make a shortcut: C:\Windows\System32\joy.cpl

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Oh just great, I just had to see this thread!
And I have only had my Saitek Combats a little over a year.

Just say no just say no just say no...

Those look really, really nice!
Don B

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Hrrrm, another hardware goodie to buy in the next few months.
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