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Recenly purchased A-10C.

I use Track IR 5 and was looking for a profile for my Thrustmaster T-Flight Joystick to match?

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Originally Posted by Willy p. View Post
Got my X65F the other day and have been working on setting it up. Now after having an X45for 6 years+, the 65 is a BIG leap forward. So far I have been working just a few hours a day to input commands and test them to make sure they function correctly. My first brick wall is this, the printable “Key Command List” for FC2 has the key press strokes in the wrong order: example, Weapon Release= Space+RAlt…not so Weapon Release= RAlt+Space. If done the printed way you will get a long continuous cannon burst. If you use the ST program some commands that use a combination of keys are not working after being profiled, so bottom line is I’m still working this out. Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

Info needed:
1) How to use mini stick to control Target Designator
2) How to setup shiftstate like the “pinky switch” on the X45
3) How to set rotary for zoom

Now I had all this setup on my X45, but can’t remember how to do it.

I have a X65f and have stepped on similar problems. I'm not able to map the zoom funktion. I put zoom in and out on keyboard keys and mapped them in the SST profile to the joystick wheel. Doesn't even work a small tiny bit. But pressing the keyboard keys works...that confused me.

And maybe i'm the only one here but i had to map the engine throttle to keys and map them to the X65f because the game itself had problems with it.

Most things i really have to programm in the SST software because the game itself seems to not support it by itself properly.

So far the only 2 things i couldn't map is the ministick for viewing around...basicly because there is no mous look inside the game. And the second is the zooming.

This is why i bought a TrackIR 5 system. In the end it was a very good decision that made many things much easier
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Default A10 Thrustmaster Warthog Target Script

A10 Thrustmaster Warthog Target Script
My script takes advantage of most advanced script options available. Dual curve settings for precision flying, short/long press for some buttons, shifting using S4(Paddle), LED lighting to show state.

If you want to learn to script or just wanting something that works then check it out.

see the included pdf for button info and setup.
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BS2 Helios profile (youtube clip) alt download
Handy Kindle docs for DCS

AEF 161 Squadron
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Good work spikenet...i was looking for script code for faster slew...I will make use of it in my profile, thanks !!

Pilot from Croatia
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saitek profiles for use with saitek X45
for BS2 one see here:
no need to use the saitek profiler (all commands mapped in the sim's GUI)
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Can anyone please explain to me how to get a profile working for DCS A10 with an X52 Non pro
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Default My TrackIR 5 Settings

I was experimenting a bit with Trackir settings, and i think i found a good setting (after alot of try this and try that's) without head flying uncontrolable around in the pit, but yet so i'm still able to cycle all over the cockpit with more smooth movements.

It's not quite finish yet, but very acceptable, and a good starting point for further tweeking.

Try it and see if you like it


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Btw it's for A-10C
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I need help with my DCS: A10. I've tried playing it, but I can only use my saitek X52 Joystick and not the throttle. It's very frustrating trying to learn a new sim and can't even get a controller setup. FYI: When I'm in the options menu where you can select, "load profile", I can't click on Load Profile.
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I'm having trouble mapping my Saitek x52. I have tried with different profiles, but non of them seems to be working on my system. Some of the systems does work, like the basic flight controls. But the engine main throttle is mapped to the precision slider and theres nothing i can do about it. Please - i need some simple solutions.

mentioned problems with the x52 earlier - if you found a solution, please reply.
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