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Originally Posted by DragonFlySlayer View Post
The Ball is simple. Run between 180 to 200 mph. About 150 ft above the water...bring it in. The ball in my cockpit lights up orange then it can spike a touch or red, but green is more of a threat. if it's green ya need to move faster and your probably descending more than we think when it lights up green. I'm looking forward to the AGM-65 Maverick with FLIR pod.
AMRAM 120 slammers!

Now I sure don't want to come across as Mr. Know it all, cause "I ain't"! But I think after all these years of Janes FA18 E , US Navy Fighters, Flanker, LOMAC, FC and now DCS... Now that we have something so much more to perfection and so well done, I don't think much has changed as far as approaching the Carrier.
That's not the ball, that's the AOA indexer. The ball is on the boat.
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