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Default 2 DOF - First Impressions

Originally Posted by BigMillerTime View Post
Bluethornton, any progress on this? First impressions?
Hi BigMillerTime

as a follow on to my first post:

Unpacking and construction of the frame proved relatively straightforward, the only critique was that the details of fixings for the motors was sparse and I resorted to looking at the photos of the DOFReality website, where all was made clear.

The original seat that I obtained was from a Toyota Corrolla and it did not fit because the runner rails had all sorts of brackets which would have required more metal working skills than I posses. I the visited my local car breakers and spent a happy hour crawling around in the cars looking for a seat which had flat runners. I managed to find 2 vehicles, an Audi TT and a BMW 1 series; I plumbed for the BMW as the seat had more adjustments. I had no problems in fitting this seat to the frame, although there was no guidance as to whether its exact position on the frame was important to balance or not?

The electrical connections and PC connections were all trouble free.

The software installation and downloads etc went well, although you do have to follow the instructions carefully, especially the patching bit. I also, being a typical bloke, never read the bit about running the simtools manager and Simtools Engine before you start DCS or link to the motors doesnt work - No bigy really.

The first test flight was an experience - I must point out that I fly with Rift and almost exclusively the Spitfire, with Warthog HOTAS and MFG Crosswind. I started Ravens settings in Simtools and went straight into a free flight in Normandy. I found the whole motion violent and extremely sensitive and when I tried in the Huey; I almost did!! (No criticism of Raven at all).

I reset the Simtools settings to default and tried again, the experience was much less violent, I was very surprised at the level of movement you feel. I then spent many hours gradually tweaking the force (%) of the movement to reach a compromise between maximum movement sensation and vomit inducing throw around movement! This is very different for the A10c and Spitfire, which on reflection is obvious. I also found that careful adjustment of the joystick curvature helped to 'soften' the chairs reaction to the inputs. Interestingly over a few days my settings increased (%) to almost match Ravens settings; obviously just a case of getting used to the sensations.

I have over the last 2 weeks been just flying and trying takeoff, landings and Epsom Campaign and only in the Spitfire, the complete setup is a joy and very immersive, aside from the experience of motion sickness in the Huey on the first day, I have not felt sick, unless I am in a flat spin after hitting a tree!!

Now to be critical! The play in the motors i.e. free movement at the end of the motor arm which is approx 10mm on the right motor and 5mm on the left creates a clunky/jerky movement, felt mostly when using the pitch axis. The movement on the roll axis is smooth and is great in a full roll. The heave and surge also work well. I am investigating if there are settings/adjustments that can alleviate this jerky movement, it is holidays in Russia so I have not yet received a response from Igor. All of that being said the experience is very enjoyable and when my beer swilling friends tried it there were very big smiles all around!

Good purchase? Hell yes.
Value for Money? Yes.
2DOF sufficient? Yes - BBBBBBut, I will probably get the upgrade kit later.

In summary - Flying Huey makes me feel sick, the spit does not, nor the A10c. The combination of Rift and movement is truly euphoric, which for me has not diminished.


Desktop PC:
Intel i7 4760K, Gigabyte MOBO, 32 GB RAM , GPU Nvidia RTX 2080
Windows 10, TM Warthog, Crosswind rudder peddles, Occulus Rift.

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