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Originally Posted by lasvideo View Post
I did consider the Russian DOF Reality product but rejected it due to....

1. It took up to much space
2. There were lots of cases of US customers receiving damaged goods.
3. Its hard to return it if there are problems
4. Its extremely noisy with provided fans.
5. I had concerns about the durability of the wiper motors.
6. When you add shipping and US customs it cost almost as much as the NLR unit.
7. Getting the software to do what you want reportedly took a lot of tweaking.

The NLF is built by a Polish company who builds a large variety of motion platforms for business and industry worldwide. And it nicely integrates into the Next Level cockpits. DOF Reality is a glorified DIY product.

So it was not a product I felt was worth buying. YMMV.
The motors are not wiper motors mate.

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