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If I may clarify a bit. "Willie Peter" or white phosphorus (WP) can be used for signaling, screening or incendiary purposes. It is used in several styles of military munitions such as the M-15 grenade, mortar rounds, artillery rounds and aerial rockets in a "bursting" type round. When used in conjuction with High Explosive (HE) rounds, this has been commonly referred to as "shake and bake". Looks cool in training, not so cool when you see what this type of fire mission does to real people. WP spotaneously combusts when exposed to air. As the pieces fly throught the air, they leave a white smoke trail. At night, the burst of particles is extremely visible as you see the particles fly. So as a marking round, it is very effective. It does, however, only come in one color, white. It would be unrealistic to model it any other way in the game.

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