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Originally Posted by kolga View Post
Or maybe training missile, i doubt they can read Russian, or the explosive compound deteriorating to the point of no longer being explosive.
Training missiles don't tend to fire at all.

Originally Posted by kolga View Post
I think you have convinced me a little here, not 100%, but more like 50/50.
As far as the car having gas and stuff, the car also didn't have an afterburner, which complicates the comparison even more.

But what i was trying to point out is the blinding effect it had, which would be somewhat independent of blast size i would think (I could be 100% wrong here).

Here is a video of a stinger through night vision (skip to 1:22):
NVG is not the same as FLIR and I think it depends on sensitivity, the target was burning well after being hit in that video, indicating burning fuel. The explosion in the original video is more than 20m in diameter and the aura around it is twice as large again and if the F-15 had actually been hit directly and itsfuel exploded, it would be much bigger.

If that were the case (independent of warhead size) then the 30mm HE round in your Apache video would create a similar effect, containing ~50g of filling and travelling at 800+ m/s. I've also seen inert Brimstone tests on IR and they do not produce a flash that size. You can see the clear difference in this video, the two are not confusable.

Originally Posted by kolga View Post
The flashes are huge and the camera isn't even zoomed in that much.

(Again, i am not saying its a MANPADS, just using it as an example)
How long was the MANPADS motor burning in that video?

Well, i'd say we can only be about 90% sure due to lack of official info.

And the F-15 possibly could have been low as i have pointed out earlier (still not sure if the f-15 in the video is saudi though):[/QUOTE]
It could have been low (unlikley in itself) but it would have been travelling fairly fast and given the approach aspect, the missile motor would not have been burning if it was a MANPADS.

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