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Originally Posted by Bogey Jammer View Post
Interesting, but what kind of Jester command are you talking about ? What do you want to achieve more specifically ?

I only played that module during the free week-end so I can't check by myself.
Mostly fine radar scan control. Right now controlling your azimuth and elevation through the Jester RIO is pain in the <insert your most annoying body part reference here>. Single pre merge fence is doable, but a dynamic multi bandit environment....... without a human RIO, it's very clumsy and slow. There is no easy way to go look-up or look-down, nor to crank. Doing both cranking changing elevation is a no-no. Even if you don't do the trigonometry in your head and just use tables for elevation at range values, you are still 3 menus deep before you even get to chose what you need. And this is a must for a dynamic engagement. Not to mention even this wouldn't give you a direct radar steering control which a human RIO would use anyways. So good luck pointing you radar the right way at the right time.

A feature completely missing from the RIO even without the interface obstacles is the ability to resort TWS priority to the targets. Often resulting in new and much higher threat contacts being sorted lowest on the priority scale.

Part of this can remedied by incorporating some new elevation presets that would help with long and medium range engagements. But anything sub 25-35NM requires fine control.
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