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@(504)Blade and @Deano87 :

I just had the chance to go into my copy of DCS and the entire time I kept saying to myself: It is a hat switch why on earth would it need AXIS control? BUT, I soldiered on, and to my dumbfounded astonishment, under the axis thingy there was a command for the RDR Cursor and low and behold somehow <I sure did NOT do this> it had axis assigned to my bloody throttle. I quickly removed them by clearing their fields and wham cursor was back to normal. Something curious caused that, no clue what. But thanks to you both, I now have the ammunition to keep a weather eye on whats going on and know where to check if this happens again. I tip my hat to the both of you. Thank you. I can safely call this matter closed until some new gremlin strikes up lol
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