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Originally Posted by Santi871 View Post

Had some spare time and decided to make this. Enjoy.


Edit: in the past few days I've updated the guide a few times with corrections, clarifications, a couple screenshots/diagrams and the radar vs EOS addendum, the link I provided will always go to the most recent version
Just wanted to say thanks for the article. I just jumped back into the SU 27 after not flying it for a while. After all the new kit, it was really good to fly this impressive sim again. The IR Optical targeting with that clever IFF trick (flash the radar on and off) is truly remarkable.

Just using what we are given weapons wise, is a challenge itself. With hilly terrain, it's entirely feasible to knock out an Eagle/Hornet armed with Amraams! Fly low, terrain mask and then pop up and bushwack em!

I wonder if there will be a full clickable cockpit version in the future?

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