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Originally Posted by Grodlund View Post
Well I never asked for anything and I don't remember me expecting anyone to do anything for me either.
I just asked a question, and I think it's bad, that we are forced to talk over each other on AWACS in our squadron, when we have different flights n different channels.

As for the cheap shots at me about I should go play Ace combat and abandon DCS and shit, no idea why I deserved that. When did this community become so toxic?

I'll just set up a third channel on that magic toy software called SRS.
Yeah. I'm sure none of you elitists ever heard of it or used it. Good for you.

Have a nice day
Absolutely, one of the reasons Ciribob put in the option... but you asked about "changing the guard frequency" and that is simply not an option.
Cheating with another SRS Radio even talking over TeamSpeak, Discord or the likes is an option.
Though "elitists" may frown on that, many people do it. DCS already has a lot of options to ease workload.
But Guard Frequency isn't "another radio" that's what this commotion is about.

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