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So I'd say that 3 days is an awfully short time period if you travel at all in regions where internet coverage is spotty, ie, most of the land surface of this planet.

Sure, most people live in urban areas where access is easy and often cheap, but urban areas are overall a bitty little speck of all that's out there.

With a frequent update period, which seems to be what ED is after, I can see 7 days as being a reasonable compromise. More than 7 days means it's getting to be more than just a little trip, and while 14 or 30 days would be nice for those of us that do exceed a week worth of non-access sometimes, 7 days seems like it would probably cover most people most of the time.

I'd love a month, I voted 14 days, but 7 is where it becomes a dealbreaker for me when looking at purchasing new modules.

Three days is just too damn short.
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