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Originally Posted by 3WA View Post
Well, I'll say what I've said before.

DRM on this sim is WAY OVERBLOWN.

This isn't Call of Crap or ARMA. There aren't 30 million pirates plotting to pirate this sim. I can count on 1 finger the number of people I know who play flight sims. Me. And I'm a hardcore gamer. :p

No 12 year old pirate is going to try to steal a game that has a 700 page instruction manual. Anyone that does is going to fire it up, scream and curse trying to play it, and then toss it off their drive. As I recall, I think someone cracked A-10C years ago. It was a total failure. NO ONE wanted it.

Just put it on Steam like Arma, Call of Crap, Battlefield, and all the other Big Studio games do. It will be fine. No one is going to pirate it. You'll probably end up with a lot more customers.

Why are you so worried about kids who would never have bought from you anyway? Please your Real Customers by not overdoing the Copy Protection.

The cost of Hotas joysticks, MFDs, TrakIR, etc. alone will stop any piracy, as they really are needed to play this sim decently. Pirates are poor and won't bother spending on anything greater than a mouse.

THIS! I FREAKIN HATE Starfarce. Every time even the tiniest thing changes on my machine, I have to go looking for my Keys. It's REALLY ANNOYING!
Pretty much with you on some points .... except you dont need to go looking for keys when
you get a starforce re-activation message it usually has the key you entered once before there

Iam not a big fan of starforce, but it does work well (apart from the MIG-21 issues because leatherneck
decided to do it their own way)

You can export ALL your DCS module keys very easily from the windows registry and NEVER have to enter them again
METAR weather for DCS World missions

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