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Originally Posted by MRW View Post
Yeah so, If you let's say put down an F-16 in the editor, and you take control of it you can easily rearm (haven't tried refueling, because I always started with full fuel), then you go up in the air, and after some time of flying if you land and want to rearm and refuel, the refueling part get stuck at some more or less random percentage and you can hear the refueling going on indefinately (I think I once left it on and went afk for almost an hour, it still didn't finish). Only when you start up the aircraft the refuleing gets done and you get rearmed, so that might be a little bug.

BUT, if you do as Bouli306 said, request rearm and refuel with the power switch in battery or main power, and I think leave it on (don't remember right now), it get refueled in what i assume the correct amount of time easily. I don't know if it was meant to be like that but that is how it seems to work now.

I don't have a track but it should be fairly simple to reconstruct on your own.
I would like to +1 on this one. It keeps getting stuck when refueling. I have the battery switch on Batt. Switch set to main power does in fact allow the refueling to work.

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