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Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post
There simply isn't that much which is broken. The list of major issues is dwindling rapidly.
We'll get there quicker than you think.

There have been about 200 minor and major fixes since release- and that does not include hundreds of hours spent on new features that have not been announced.

For the VR collimation issue: Chris has just received his Rift and can now troubleshoot directly (instead of indirectly by the rest of us reporting in).
This still seems like a base engine level issue currently.
Hi Nicholas. Quick off-topic here to give feedback!
Would just like to say that I like your tone and style on the many last responses to the community. It's difficult to infer through text, of course, but you seem to be aiming for a measured, neutral tone without jumping towards unnecessary conflict. Other devs and ED staff haven't always done so (they are only human after all), so it feels nice to have this sort of communication from you.
Gj gj!
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