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I have been holding off on pledging, and at this point I'm unlikely to. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

Threatening those of us who haven't pledged with taking away the free planes will not get you to the stretch goal. If anything, it strengthens my doubts: you cannot run a simple kickstarter without flailing all over the place, how can I expect you to run an actual project?

In exchange, you will cripple your end product by having not just one plane, but only one side freely available. As a platform, DCS:WW2 will need multiplayer to become popular, like all F2P games do. How will that work if every new player flies for the Allies?

You set up the kickstarter with an unrealistic set of goals, then made constant and confusing changes even you can't understand now. Your promotional material consists mainly of guys talking in a language 90% of your customer base can't understand, and screens and videos of other games.

Now that it hasn't worked, you are threatening to take your toys and go home unless we throw money at you. Nothing of this inspires any confidence.
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