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Originally Posted by Hans-Joachim Marseille View Post
Oh my goodness ... capture the flag with flashing objects, no planes on initial release but trainers and the (by then) already established Mustang and Dora.
Any more ways to kill this game? Don't get me wrong; I like the idea of non-pledgers being able to fly around the free map in a trainer, but no additional planes on initial release for pledgers?
I was not advocating that pledgers shoudn't have aircraft on release. I was stating that there is the fact that the 3 aircraft are going to be release for free upon completion.

I said that the only free aircraft for non-pledgers should be a trainer aircraft. The pledgers should get the additional aircraft that they paid for.

I was stating that the way it is now it appears that someone who pledged nothing will get almost the same benefit as someone who pledged $40
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