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I can nail a straight in approach 90% of the time. My pattern approach still sucks but slowly getting better. During the upwind approach I keep it at the recommended 350k and drop the hook early. I have also started setting the flaps to full and gear to down at the same time. They won't actually move until speed drops below 250. So I start the first 180 turn by chopping the throttle to idle at the same time I crank in the bank and start pulling slightly back on the stick. This way the flaps and gear drop down while I am at a 30+ deg bank and so I don't get a balloon effect. Getting my self set at proper altitude, AOA, etc on the downwind takes way too long and I get dinged for that. I generally get dinged more in the final turn for altitude but I have noticed that Bankler often says that when I am on the ICLS glide slope so not sure why. I don't know how many traps I have done but it is certainly in the several hundreds so yeah, it is not easy and takes a long, long time to get it right.
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