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Originally Posted by Habu_69 View Post
I can not get VRK to run on my Surface Pro 3 client. Installed fine on server PC with SteamVR for use with HP Reverb. Program installs on client Surface, but will not run. I get the little rotating circle for a few seconds, then nada. OS is Win 10 ver 1709 up to date. Uninstalled/reinstalled with no joy. Suggestions?
Some basic advice in case of this problems:
  • Check that .NET Framework apps runs properly. VRK is targetted to .NET 4.7.2 which should be available in any properly updated windows machine. To check if 4.7.2 applications runs in your machine you can try this tool from MS: .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool
    (run it, select ".NET Framework 4.7.2" and click "Verify Now").
  • Disable antivirus or check ativirus log . I tested VRK with Windows Defender, but other AVs may not like it.
  • Disable windows firewall or any firewall you may have running (or be sure that VRK is allowed).
  • Send me VRK log and I will look for problems. The file is vrk.log located in C:\Users\<windows_user_name>\VRK\Logs. You can attach to an email (my address is in the quick start guide), or google drive / we transfer it.

I know that some people installed it on Surface tablets and I own a Windows tables less powerful than yours, so, it should be "environmental".

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