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Default [SP] 1.5Beta - Ultimatum Warpig

Single Player
DCS World OpenBeta

Working on a campaign, however it'll take months, even years. Spent about 2 weeks making this first mission, would like to see if anyone enjoys it. No spiffy pictures or anything but the briefing should cover all the necessary info. Let me know how you fare.

Mission attempts to simulate an actual war, with enough aircraft to actual seem like it. Enemy armor is stationed around the airbase and will shoot you down so watch the weeds. On my system this mission typically runs 4-6GB's ram on top of opsys, so if you dont have 8 or 8+ this will prob be heavy on your system. Also I recommend at least a 3.2+ cpu all variable depending on graphic/traffic settings and opsys. This was built in the latest 1.5 beta as of today.

Mission time is around 2 hours. Although I only completed it once and it took slightly longer. Made some changes recently and now it should be shorter but probably not. You will need to resupply at least once, and refuel is available but not necessary.

The friendly aircraft act differently each run so sometimes there may be a bunch of friendlies supporting you and sometimes only a couple. Totally random and I didn't design it that way its just the nature of DCS. Good luck.

Version 2 takes away multiple tanker tracks, as if you switched the tankers track during AI AAR it would bug and the AI would refuse to disconnect or complete the process.

V3. Removed a tanker track message I put in at mission start. Adjusted the clouds to be not as thick, but still plentiful. Made sure all vehicles that were supposed to be hidden and shown are, adjusted some of the AI's loadouts. Enabled fog of war in map, whatever that does, didn't notice any difference probably because I have most units hidden.

My mission run time was 3 hours tonight. But I destroyed every last enemy vehicle. You dont have to wait you can send in the ground units before completing Tusk's tasking at any time. I also refueled once, and landed at Guadata twice, once to rearm, and the second to repair.
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