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Just wanted to show you guys (at least those of you who are familiar with Sony Vegas) the complexity of the time-grid used in the making of "Smoke On". This screenshot was taken back in early August and roughly covers the first 25 minutes of the movie (half the length of the movie). Every single clip also had its Special FX (effects) and camera panning, cropping and more created individually clip-by-clip. Although none of that can be seen here in view, this picture shows the grand scope of the workspace used during production...

...this was three months prior to release and shows only half of the movie, but it still looks quite "messy". Many additional FX were added late (i.e. more congested workspace than seen here), but it gives you an idea of what the time-grid in Sony Vegas looked like at a point in time during the making of the movie. The grid got a lot more crowded towards the end (and twice as long as seen here)!

Bonus FYI: More than 160GB of frap footage was used in the making of the movie!

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