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Originally Posted by Aries144 View Post
I never had an interest in 1960's or 1970's aircraft- until I broke down and bought the F-5E. Then I flew on a multiplayer server against players flying Mig-21Bis at low altitude through the canyons between Sochi and Sukhumi. Now, the visual jet combat of that era, with limited missile effectiveness, is my absolute favorite. I've since bought the F-86, Mig-15, Mig-21Bis, and Mig-19, and I want more variety in aircraft there.
Wait, you mean actual dogfighting/BFM is "fun"? I never would have guessed

Now I'm off to lob some fox3's at a blip and run away....

And yeah J-5/mig-17 would be nice, but more 60's and 70's blue jets would be cool too. I mean we have a bit too modern F5 and F86 and thats it for now. Cool options are the F4 (though ED probably won't let that go), but certainly the F-104 was widely used, F100, EE lightning, mirage III, super etnard, J35 draken. Would all be cool choices.

For the Red side of the house, I'd rather see some red strikers, Su-17/20/22 would probably be the most widely used one.
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