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Originally Posted by Catweedle View Post
Wrt. the "say again" concept: you could achieve this via adding the tasks as radio command/-s tree, e.g. "TASKS"->"NEW TASK [TIMESTAMP_1]"..."NEW TASK [TIMESTAMP_n]", and in turn have the commands print the task descriptions on activation.
That is absolutely perfect ... thank you, just what I needed, I´ll have to do dozens of flags, but makes up for the effort and time.
One more question, if I may, I tried switch and once trigger, but it only works once, the continuous action also isn`t a choice because keep repeating. Can I be doing something wrong?
Another thing I notice in the test I did, was that if for some reason I choose another slot and return to the one I was before the menu for radio item is there, but doesn´t show message ... probably have to set another value for the flag?
Thanks again, you really help.
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