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After reading the tutorials for the creation of DCS scenery in the wiki, I figured that the necessary stuff for making photo realistic scenery is there (some key things ain’t, mission map), the concept behind each step in those tutorials is comprehendible to some degree and is concentrated more on step by step procedures. It’s like the chunks of information which have to be put together to see the picture and to estimate the time to produce a 160000 square km map.

The creation of land, roads and rivers has been covered, perhaps the creation of towns by means of flat polygons and assignments of buildings scares the crap out… of most. Well it probably does, otherwise there wouldn’t be the need for the following concept, the idea is there to make it work with fsx, it would require some dedicated minds to make it work in DCS.
I looked at this tutorial: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/inde..._with_scenProc

No need to get optimistic or sad it’s only aviation push.
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