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Originally Posted by Pyroflash View Post
The real question though is, say we have a global scenery. What happens if two people develop scenery close enough so they overlap? Say ED has Nevada, and somebody wants to bomb hippies so they develop California. Or the same with the Mormons, so they make a Utah map.

Which terrain then has priority over the other? And is there any guarantee that the terrain elevation will match up? We could have some severe hole issues in the terrain models.
I have addon scenery installed in FSX and I would say that the overlapping of terrain elevation or holes in the ground has never been an issue, that’s because developers like to make it good.
FSX globe is divided into squares, you have an option for which sceneries to be loaded in the sim and set priorities for conflicting regions.

Now what about the tools? Gmax is free and versatile tool, SBuilderX is free, any one can have a go at creating a scenery although not every one would be willing to invest in 3DSmax and dedicate lots of time for an uncertain outcome.
The Digital Elevation Models are freely available but the satellite/aerial photography for commercial use has to be found and I’ll leave it at that.

3rd party’s free land scenery.

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