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I've just started flying the BF109 too, and must say the offset position is a bit strange in VR.

Sure you can reset the view how you want, but when you fold the gunsight up/down it moves your viewpoint a bit to the right/left, which just feels odd in VR, where if you want to move your viewpoint you just move your head.

Any way to switch that feature off that I've not noticed?

Apart from that, it feels good to fly - only just worked out how to start up and take off so far though, been learning on the FW190 for a while (and still not great at that), so quite a different machine though a lot of the instruments are familiar.

Edit - now I re-read this thread, I haven't tried Teo's suggestion of changing the camera origin option in the 'Special' tab for the 109 - I'll try that next time I fly it.
Edit 2 - tried it yesterday with the Cockpit Camera Origin set to Cruise, and yes, that does fix the position movement when you flip the gunsight up/down in VR, so thanks to Teo.

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