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Lightbulb Recycle India - A Navigation Assist Idea!

Ok... Navigation with the F-5E is somewhat painful. And still after I understood, how to do it, it hurts when flying.
I understand and know that in time and with flight hours on the NTTR map, you will eventually know all the landmarks. But in the beginning, it is hard.

So - here's my idea:
Why not put a smoke signal on waypoint INDIA! You still would have to know your way around on the NTTR map, since everything else should stay as it is, but a smoke signal on INDIA would let you find your entrance point to the next fight and you could easier reset.

In my opionion it would be a great help to people who have not grown up in Nevada and it would not brake immersion too bad, since one could really think about this happening for orientation pusposes.

Maybe it's something worth considering for an update on the Campaign.

For the F-15 BFM Campaign and the F-18 BFM Campaign I don't recommend this, since you have a waypoint navigation and don't need it (still it would not hurt).
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